July 7, 2020

I’m reposting this, so at some point I can link this with the post about having no air conditioning…basically to make it easier to find. At the moment, I can’t find it but that’s okay. That just means, when I do find it, I will also have to update this – again. I also wanted to repost so I can put it on my page titled “My Rustic Life”. Have I published that one yet? Hmmm…right now I’m not sure. At the end, I have posted a new picture, which I will comment on. Everything in bold letters is new to the post.

all is good!

originally posted April 8, 2019

New woodstove aka dryer!

We had the wood stove installed in January (2019). It was supposed to be installed before Christmas, but there were delays. For one, we didn’t have a hearth. We thought it was included, but when the guys came with the stove to install it, we realized that there was no hearth. After a phone call or two, it was confirmed that the hearth was not included! Time to freak out!

We ended up driving up to Smithsburg (MD) to get the hearth! It’s hard to believe that there are no companies in Frederick that sell hearths, but that’s what we found. We could’ve built our own, but that would’ve been way too expensive, and would have taken time. I believe I could’ve done it – with all the work/projects I’ve helped my dad with. But… We opted for the prefab. It looks nice and I’m happy with it.

The chimney

Didn’t need an old fashioned chimney either. It took most of the day to have the stove/chimney installed but it was worth it! Most of the time spent was on the wood stove, the chimney didn’t take long at all!

Keeps us nice and warm
Woodstove galaxy cat

One thing I learned, if you place a box fan in front of the wood stove, it acts like a convection and pushes the heat out into the house.

We absolutely love our wood stove! It’s a Quadrafire…worth every penny!!

Below, is the newest shelf we have installed.

The bottom shelf is the new one. The toy truck was my grandfathers. All the photos are of my Great Grandfather Cecil Shaffer, who worked on the railroad for a time – he was the boss! The painting near the top, left, is the house my Great Great Grandmother, Rachel Baker, lived. I think it was Rachel Bakers house…I have to take the painting down to make sure. The lamp fixture on the right came from my great grandmothers house in Baltimore . I called her Grandma Fredda, but she was my great grandmother. It is not hooked up, just for show at the moment. All I need to do is rewire it, but my boyfriend and I disagree on how to do it. I say, just rewire it to be plugged in, he says to hard wire it.
For now, I’ll tell you that the reason we don’t have air conditioning is because the furnace went bust last winter and I’m still paying for the wood stove. It costs somewhere around $7000 to replace the unit, the wood stove cost $4000. So, once I get the wood stove paid off, I will be purchasing a furnace. All of this is in the post that I can’t find.

camping, clear lake iowa

Staring into the glow of a campfire
will ignite your soul

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  1. I’m envious. I’m jealous! Lol!

    I love wood stoves! I have a little one I camp with.. coffee tastes so much better hot off the stove. The fiery heat of the stove and the crispness of the woods air are pure awesomeness! I can’t find the words to describe it, awesomeness will have to do.

    Great post!!

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