my name is Max: A Grandson is Born

July 9, 2020

A Grandson is Born

Dakota (about 4 months old) and dad (61 years), my sister peeking around the corner
end of 1998 or early 1999
Dakota, a.k.a. Son of A Leprechaun

In 1998, Dakota was born. My dad wasn’t too pleased with the fact that I had gotten pregnant out of wedlock. My mom, was ecstatic! My cancer doctor called me one morning in January and told me I was pregnant! Imagine the shock and the fear! I told him there was no way… his response was that I was either pregnant or the cancer had come back and it was everywhere. He had already scheduled a sonogram for first thing the next day. I hung up the phone with him and laid back down…to think.

Mom came into the room and asked why the cancer doctor had called. I said, “No reason.”
My mom’s response was, “Bull shit. The cancer doctor doesn’t call for no reason.”  So, I had to tell her. “Let’s hope you’re pregnant.” She left the room, and I’m sure got on the phone. Calling everyone she could to ask for prayers. Please, no cancer!

The next day, mom went with me to get the sonogram…

After the sonogram, I walked up to my mom and said “Hi, Grandma” before she could say or ask anything. I was eight weeks pregnant.

Dad pretty much disowned me. Almost, anyway. I was seven months pregnant before he acknowledged me or the baby. I think he saw how much this had changed me. I remember him telling me “I didn’t raise you to be like this” and I responded, “I didn’t plan on this, on getting cancer, having a baby this way. All we can do is the best we can when raising our children, and hope for the best.” I think that it was at this point he decided that he had a choice…disown me and never know his grandson (which ended up being his only grandson), or accept the way things were and be a part of our lives. So glad he chose the latter.

As it ended up, he was my coach for most of the time I was in labor. My sister was supposed to be, but I got so annoyed with her that I kicked her out. Dad took over. Somehow, he knew exactly what to do, even though he wasn’t in the delivery room when either of his daughters was born. We were born at a time that fathers weren’t allowed in the delivery room. Anyway, I ended up getting the epidural, dad was there for me. I needed some ice water, dad was there for me. He rubbed my back, got me cool compresses and let me sleep when the epidural took affect. He was there for me.

About an hour before Dakota was born, my dad left to get my grandmother, who was in town. We were having a new well drilled. While dad was gone, Dakota was born. If they had returned to the hospital twenty minutes earlier, the whole family may have been there. I’m glad it worked out the way it did. After me, my mom, and my sister, dad got to hold him.

The day I brought Dakota home from the hospital, the drillers were there, drilling our new well. Everything was a mess! But, everyone was home. Everyone was happy. Dakota slept through most of the racket.

Dakota and dad ended up being best buddies!

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“What seems to us as bitter trials
are often blessings in disguise.”
~ Oscar Wilde

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