the water is low

July 9, 2020

cell phone photos
from yesterday

we went to two different places yesterday…
to try our hand at fishing…

The Potomac River
near Lander Rd, Jefferson MD

We went back to the Potomac River yesterday, July 8, 2020, to do a little fishing. The last time we were at this spot, a couple weeks ago, all the grass was under water with only the tree tops poking out on the island (above, center). I can’t find the picture right now, which means I haven’t edited it yet. It will be one photo I definitely work on in the very near future.

It was so quiet, and peaceful on the river, which made it enjoyable, even though it was hot and humid. In the upper nineties…there was a breeze on the river, which definitely helped. I couldn’t really go swimming anywhere we went yesterday. I think at the aquaduct, I may have been able to…if I had wanted to. The Potomac can be a very dangerous place to swim. Not saying that you can’t, but it’s dangerous. Especially up near Harper’s Ferry.


We first went up to the Antietam Aquaduct (photo below), didn’t catch any fish there either. After trying there for a couple hours, we drove out to Lander Road (top photo).

Antietam Creek and the Potomac River
near Antietam MD and Shepherdstown, WVA

We thought about trying to walk up Antietam Creek, but to get under the aquaduct would’ve been nearly impossible. Especially with all the cameras. If we just had our fishing gear and chairs…different story. We didn’t see any trails that led off from the C and O Canal, towards the creek. The only path was down to where the creek leads into the river.

The most important thing is we had fun, no one got hurt and I got some pretty good photos, which I will be sharing the rest with you…soon!

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

“And Potomac flowed quietly
scarce heaving her breast
with her low lying billows
all bright in the west
for a charm as from God
lulled the waters of rest
of the fair rolling river.”
~ Paul Hamilton Hayne

take care
stay safe
much love

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  1. As long as it was fun, the trip was well worth it. Experience trumps result in this case. Lovely post.

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