what started out good…

July 13, 2020

On Sunday, July 12, 2020, we went fishing. Leaving first thing, we got there and parked just after daybreak. But first, we had to stop for the train…

Sunday’s Cell Phone Pictures

stopped by the train

and take a look at the river.

still haven’t left the truck

The first thing we wanted to do was find a spot to catch some bait. We had some worms, pork liver, and shad, but we really wanted to catch something live, fresh. We crossed the railroad tracks, only to find that it wasn’t accessible. Not by me or my knees. So, we went back down to the aqueduct.

maybe I can hop the next train

And a mattress spring was caught…not very good bait.

a bed or mattress spring was caught

The water was way low yesterday…the last time we were here, where I’m standing was under water. In fact, I’ve never seen the water this low…

water is low…

The photo on the right is from May 4, I do believe.

all of this was dry
July 13, 2020
photo taken May 4, 2020

with just trickles of water here and there, we were able to walk around… and so did the deer. A mamma deer and two babies checked us out. If I hadn’t moved, to take a picture, they may have come closer.

not the best picture I know

I only had my cell phone with me at this point…so I did the best I could. We were walking around, checking things out, and I had left my CANON in the book bag. My cell phone takes decent pics, but not in zoom…

I’ve got more photos, that we can compare/contrast with, but they’re still on my CANON. So…I will be doing another post.

Looking back upstream…the tree was completely under water, we were fishing from the bank on the right side. Below is a picture of a blue bird, perched on a branch of that same tree.

The things you find…long forgotten.


A Bluegill…used for bait.


hmmm…how long has this tire been underwater? I thought it looked interesting.

I caught my dinner…
my boyfriend? he ate leftovers

Shortly after the line was cast, using fresh bait…I caught my one and only fish. My boyfriend never caught anything but a mattress spring – and the bluegill.

We packed up and headed back to the truck about noon. Not sure exactly, as neither one of us checked our phones. Really no reason to..

I should have gone for a swim before we left, but I felt ok. So I didn’t. When we got back up to the area where the deer were, we had to stop so I could cool off and get something to drink. At this point, I should have gotten in the water. But, I thought I would be fine, so I didn’t. A decision I would soon regret.

By the time we got back up to the C and O Canal, I was drenched in sweat. Thought I’d be ok. We were back in the shade and I was drinking Gatorade – electrolytes, and on level ground. When you’re sweating that much, you need to replenish the salt you’re losing. Every once in a while I would stop, so I could cool off again. But apparently, that wasn’t enough.

I felt like I was going to collapse…

I took a step

then another

then stopped all together. And dropped everything I had on me. I was having trouble breathing…and still covered in sweat. I did NOT want to move. Couldn’t move.

My boyfriend was way ahead of me. Using my chair for support, I finally mustered up enough strength to call out to my boyfriend. I knew if I sat down, I’d be in trouble…if I kept walking, I’d probably collapse. The only thing I could do was stand there…and breath. Long, deep breaths…and gulp some Gatorade when possible. I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t breathe, plus with all the sweating I was doing, there probably weren’t any tears to cry.

I don’t know how long we stood there. But for quite some time. When I felt ok to finally get moving again, my boyfriend carried everything except the catfish (which I should have been carrying all along) and one chair. I took my time, and my boyfriend slowed his pace a little, so if I started having any trouble…he wouldn’t be so far away.

When we finally got back to the truck, I put the fish in the cooler…and sat down. Got in the pool when we got home, and just rested the rest of the day. I wanted to do a post, but I couldn’t. The most important thing, was to get back to me. So I could do today.

I think I got too much sun – heat exhaustion – and my body was stressed out, causing an asthma attack. Or the verge of one anyway. I didn’t have salt tablets or my emergency inhaler with me. A lesson learned for sure… for both of us. From now on, both items (salt tablets and inhaler) will be in the back pack.

The only time I’ve been so scared in my life was when I had my first asthma attack, back in the 1980’s. Having my son, taking care of my dad as he was dying…none of that compares.

I do feel better today…still taking it easy, keeping cool and resting. My chest hurts a little, and I’ve started myself on the nebulizer. Which is a machine that turns liquid medicine (albuteral) into a mist to help treat asthma.

More to come… sooner or later 🙂

Asthma Free Nebulizer Machine,Nebulizer Asthma,Portable Nebulizer ...
not my image

hope you have a great day!
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    • So am I! Trying to get help back on the c and o canal footpath…probably nearly impossible. I’m home, safe, and doing much better.

  1. Glad you are ok. I’ve overdid the heat thing twice on vacation. Not used to humidity. At home if I feel overheated after a walk, I drink coconut water. It is very good for you. We need to be careful! Hope today was better 😊

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