July 16, 2020

The other day, we drove up to Washington Monument State Park, so I could take some pictures and get a feel for the place. Next year, we are having our family reunion there.

Here are some photos I took…

Washington Monument State Park is located in Middletown, MD…on top of South Mountain. I’ve mentioned the mountain before, a Civil War battle took place close by.

Washington Monument before completion

“During the Antietam Campaign, the United States Signal Corps used this stone structure as a signal station. On July 4, 1827, citizens of the town of Boonesboro paraded to the top of the mountainhere and began building this first monument in the country completed in honor of George Washington. On Septe,ber 14, 1862, as Confederate General Robert E. Lee and his staff entered Boonsboro during the battle of South Mountain, Lt. Col. E..P. Alexander observed “a small party of people on what seemed to be some sort of tower on the mountain top.” Thinking they were Union signalers, Alexander led a squad of eight men up to investigate., but found them to be only some local citizens trying to get a better view of the combat. Federal signalmen did use the monument afterward, however, and during the Battle of Antietam three days later.”

“The two armies revisited this valley in 1863 during the Confederate retreat after the Battle of Gettysburg. They sparred across Washington Valley (Hagerstown/Boonesboro) July 5-14, fighting at Boonsboro, Funkstown, and Hagerstown.”

Washington Monument today

As of right now, the monument is closed…can’t go to the top.

me, my sister and a couple of friends
at the top in the 1980’s
Me: second from right
my sister: right
view looking over Washington County

The map says that you can see Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia from here. It was a hazy day…but a good day to go to the monument (no breathing troubles!).

stairs to the top of the monument
I just stuck my camera between the gate rails at the bottom of the stairs
turned on the flash and took a picture
the monument
with the American Flag and Maryland State Flag
Washington Monument Visitor Center
closed the day we were there

There is a camp ground, picnic shelters, playground, and hiking trails. The Appalachian Trail also runs through the park.

“In commemoration of the first completed monument dedicated to the memory of George Washington.
Citizens of Boonsboro on July 4, 1827, marched behind the Stars and Stripes to this site and built the tower to 15 feet.
They returned to complete the monument in September of that [same] year.
Placed by the Maryland State Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Ruann Newcomer, George, State Regent
October 18, 2011″

~ I think that says/spells “RUANN”, if anyone sees differently, please let me know…

On the trail up to the monument are interpretive signs, documenting George Washington’s life… the trail is easy, gravel stone. Although it is uphill going to/downhill coming back, it is a short trail, with rest areas and picnic shelters along the way.

milestones in the life of Washington:
1732: Born, Westmoreland County, Virginia

1749: Surveyor of Culpepper County, Virginia
1753-1758: Officer in the French and Indian War

1759: Marries Martha Curtis
1758-1774: Member, Virginia House of Burgesses

1774: Virginia Delegate to 1st Continental Congress
1775: Appointed Commander-In-Chief

1776: Loses New York to British
Declaration signed
1777: British Occupy Philidelphia
Winter at Valley Forge

1781: British Surrender at Yorktown
1783: British Recognize American Independence

1789: Federal Constitution Ratified
Washington becomes President

1797: leaves Presidency
1799: Dies at Mt. Vernon

sign post for the Appalachian Trail (North)
and the Monument

The Appalachian Trail: this will lead you to Route 40, west (?) of Myersville, Md. There is a parking area here. This section of the trail is moderately easy.

Washington Monument

Volunteer villagers of nearby Boonesboro celebrated their independenceday July 4, 1827 by building and dedicating this first monument to the memory of George Washington.
Repaired and altered many times over a hundred years by patriotic citizens, it was finally restored to its original design in 1934-36 by civil conservation corps (CCC).
This monument, used by the Union Army as a signal station, and its surrounding land, was bought by the Washington County Historical Society in 1922 and presented to the state of Maryland for park development in 1934.
This massive structure was certified a “Maryland Historical Monument” in March, 1972, and a “National Historical Monument” in November, 1972.

This will be the first post on President Washington…I thought about including a legend about him here, but figured on waiting. I guess you could consider this an introduction of sorts…American Legends!

Map of Washington Monument State Park
map of Washington Monument State Park

the solid black line is the paved road to, through and out of the park… I’m not going to confuse you, telling you which way is Boonsboro, Middletown and all that because I’m not completely sure.

two bees and a flower

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

~ with all the destruction of monuments going on right now, I really hope this monument, as well as others, are left alone. I told my boyfriend that it is probably too far out of the way for them to even bother…but who knows. Confederate headstones were vandalized at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Frederick. Francis Scott Key is buried there as well. We are witnessing something right now… I just hope and pray that things don’t go the way some would want ~

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