growing concerns in the United States

July 21, 2020

** Disclaimer: This post contains controversial info about racial tensions in the United States, as well as my opinion on the matter. Images are not mine. At 1300+ words, this is a long read.

Mapping Civil Unrest in the United States (2000–2020)
Civil Unrest
In the United States of America

This morning I got a post on FaceBook about Frederick County Public Schools separating students based on color during certain classes . According to the post, they will be teaching or “receiving training about their “white privilege” and how they should treat darker skinned students, based on this.”

As of yet, I haven’t really been able to clarify or debunk this. There is a racial equity committee in the counties public schools, that was formed and approved in June 2019. It was formed to tackle racial issues in the school system. This, on the surface looks like a good thing. How far will it be taken? The only thing I can really find is this for elementary students: “The curriculum provides age-appropriate historical, civic, cultural, geographic, economic, and personal financial literacy knowledge. Activities integrate reading, writing, mathematic, science, physical education and visual art concepts that help students make real world connections with the standards taught in the Social Studies curriculum. Teachers use appropriate instructional activities and resources that allow students to gain a deeper understanding of their role as citizens in a democratic multicultural society.” On the surface, it sounds ok, but with everything going on in the country and world, who knows.

Democratic could be an issue… on google dictionary, “democratic” is “relating to or supporting democracy or its principles”, “relating to the Democratic Party.”. Where a republic is “a form of government in which the country is considered a “public matter”, not the private concern or property of the rulers. The primary positions of power within a republic are attained, through democracy, oligarchy, or a mix thereof, rather than being unalterably occupied”. This makes it sound like it’s a Democrat issue, Democrat approved…when in reality, it is a social issue, not a democrat or republican issue.

“Contrary to popular belief, America is not, nor was it meant to be, a pure democracy. America is a republic. Nevertheless, more and more voices today are calling for America to become a direct democracy.” (the heritage foundation)

Here are some sites I found, about teaching “white privilege” in our schools. I will let you decide for yourselves…good or bad.

White privilege is real and this is what it looks like |
White Privilege: (n)
unearned advantage based on race, which
can be observed both systemically
and individually

Students are demanding Anti-Racist Curriculum and Instruction written June 9, 2020; I’ll let you read this, if you so choose. “As massive social-justice demonstrations continue after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, students in cities around the country are organizing to demand that their school and district leaders provide them with anti-racist curricula and instruction.” (from the linked site, above)
There is a lot going on, and a lot of demands. My only question is…if they want anti-racist curriculum, why are they pushing what seems to be racist books to study? And at what age group will these books be read? If they want this, then there needs to be something to counter Malcom X, or experiments on blacks. Other races went through similar experiences. Is the education system going to have to totally restructure their education? I can see many parents pulling their kids from public school…

Anti- Racist Education at Frederick County Public Schools circulating on the internet now. This is a petition asking public schools to re-examine black life.

The 1619 Project where we will be changing our history to make the founding of the USA in 1619, rather than 1776. 1619 was when the first slaves were brought to the U.S., we weren’t even a country yet. 1776 was when the Continental Congress declared independence, on July 4. If you really want to go there, Native Americans were here first, had laws, wars within themselves, were slaves, had peaceful times. According to, Bjarni Herjólfsson became the first European to sight mainland North America when his Greenland-bound ship was blown westward off course around 985. In about 1000, Leif Eriksson, son of Erik the Red, is reported to have led an expedition in search of the land sighted by Bjarni and to have found an icy barren land he called  Helluland (“Land of Flat Rocks”) before eventually traveling south and finding Vinland (“Land of Wine”). Native Americans were here long before any Europeans or Vikings – we, Europeans, took it from them. Where’s my reparation? I do have SOUIX blood running through my veins.

I don’t agree with the way things are being handled. At all! Portland Oregon has been under attack for nearly 60 days. Other cities are also under attack. I can’t find anything recent in print or on the web about all the rioting, but there are riots going on all over the country. As I don’t watch CNN or MSNBC, I don’t know what they’re reporting. There are reports that people are being bused and flown in, and being paid to riot. These cities are upset that the president is sending in National Guard, when the mayor or governor hasn’t requested the help. Sorry, honey. If something’s not done to quell this, it will spread. And, more than likely, there will be a war. Things will get ugly. The president does have authority – to an extent – to send in the National Guard to protect federal property. I have said this before, and I will say it again, we are in a civil/cultural war.

not my words…

wvstarktruth states: “First, who’s running the school system? The teachers or the parents? If it is like most, neither…as only the technocrats think they have all the answers. If it weren’t for media harping on race all the time and leftist politicians stirring the pot, there would be far less problems. Sure, there is racism, but it is hardly systemic other than within the Democrat party that has promoted it since the 1850s or before. The “Great Society” was supposed to end poverty, but what it did was make vast numbers of the black community dependent on the government and those policies were destructive of traditional families (something the black community used to support strongly). When you take a father out of the home (a condition for public welfare in most cases) the child(ren) are five times as likely to wind up in criminal activity. Decades of playing down the traditional family has taken a toll. How about the school system stop telling kids they are different and cannot do much without govt help and maybe, just maybe, they will really begin to see themselves as equals and with equal abilities. The abilities are there, but if you tell someone they can’t because of this or that reason, they won’t. Truly a sad state our indoctrination, oops, education has reached.”

…but I agree.

My thoughts for today, in conclusion…

White Privilege, defunding the police and systemic racism, BLM: I don’t agree with any of it, as a whole. Both I will address more in a future post. All People Matter! We as a country, have come a long way since the beginning. Blacks can own property, vote, become president, engage in political events, eat in restaurants, even become police officers, judges, if they choose. (The list goes on…) They have the same opportunities I have. We need to work together, not against each other. Don’t forget, women were considered property as well. In 1870, votes cannot be denied because of race, explicitly, with the 15th amendment, but still left up to the states. In some instances, if you could not read, you could not vote. Women did not get the right to vote until 1920, with the 19th amendment.

We all have problems. We all have issues. We all have rights We are all created equal. We all deserve respect. We should not judge based on the color of skin, accent, religion, gender, age. I have always tried to treat everyone the same, until given a reason NOT to. As a white woman, who sometimes looks brown, I have been eyed with suspicion, felt nervous when pulled over, or uncomfortable in certain situations. It’s not just based on race, or the color of your skin.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
~ U.S. Declaration of Independence

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10 Comments on “growing concerns in the United States

  1. I live in the Denver metro aera, and we went downtown for a Pro Police rally hat quickly turned into a riot when ANTIFA and BLM arrived. Downtown Denver, and the Capital area looks like a war zone. Our Governor and the Mayor Denver, and the Police Chief all ordered the Police and SWAT teams to stand down. You won’t hear anything about it on the MSM. In fact, I was trying to PM a friend some of the pictures, and they were taken down, on PM. We are dying. It is so sad and so disgusting.

    • Thanks for the comment! My computer crashed yesterday after posting, so I couldn’t respond til now… it is sad what is going on, glad you’re ok! I don’t understand why the mayors – especially the mayors – are doing the stand down tactic. It only hurts the people.

      • Yep! It’s disgusting. We listened to a podcast with mayor Hancock about what happened and on Sunday. He is just an absolute idiot. He never gave a good reason. But We all know the reason behind his stand down orders. He is against the police.

      • Luckily, we have a good police chief here, one that won’t take any bull or force his officers to stand down. Even if the mayor tells him to.

  2. The Federal Government doesn’t seem to care much about “the people.”

    “The people” are expendable assets in a consumer market predicated on (not so) carefully calibrated normative standards.

    Anyone who defies political correctness is at risk of losing their social capital, work, funding.

    You might elect to read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” It has a lot to say about the destabilisation of this country, the seeding and fostering of false morality for the “open society.” Like with Marxism, however, the illusion of openness is a lie. As surely as Communism never relinquishes the initial totalitarianism, neither does liberalism ever actually breed tolerance.

    • I do agree with what you have commented…while I haven’t read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” I know the basic concept. These “rules” are very much at play, I do believe, and they (the so called tolerant liberals) are scared to death.
      At this point, it is up to “the people” to decide what kind of life/government we want. I’m pretty sure what the outcome will be, but it’s not going to be pretty or easy getting there.
      Thanks for commenting!

      • Thanks for posting. You’ve tackled a subject most people don’t want to address, much less civilly or with anything resembling integrity or intelligence.

      • Thanks!😊 it is a hard subject to write about…sometimes I will, otherwise my head will explode.

      • Understandable. In my circles we refer to that feeling as Clown World, well, living in it anyway.

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