My Name Is Max: the joke’s on you

July 22, 2020

As you may know by know, dad was a jokester. He was always playing jokes on people, including his coworkers. One day, shortly after my sister was born in 1979, the tides were turned on him.

Holly and Mr. Smith

Dad was working outside, and I wanted to be out there with him. Mom didn’t want to let me, knowing that I was a wanderer.  Being busy with a newborn and a two year old me, she had her hands full.

I had wandered away from her a few times while shopping, one time disappearing to the men’s bathroom at Sear’s. I had told her that I needed to use the bathroom, so she knew where to find me. As she approached the bathroom area, an older man came out, holding my hand. Mom profusely apologized, but he said not to worry, “she needed to go to the bathroom”…with a chuckle.

Dad had convinced my mom that he would keep an eye on me. Everything was good, life was good!

A few minutes later, mom got a phone call. It was the farmer’s grand daughter.

“Do you know where Holly is?”
“She’s out helping her dad.” Mom replied.
“You might want to go check on her,” the neighbor replied.
“Don’t worry, she’s up here with us. But you might want to play a little joke on Max, tell her she’s in the cornfield.” The neighbor said with a laugh.

The field in front of our house had been planted with corn that year, and it hadn’t been harvested yet. Mom goes out to “check on me”.

“Where’s Holly?”
“She was right here,” Dad responded, looking around.
“Well, I don’t see her.” Mom replied.
“She went in the house with you,” Dad said, thinking mom was pulling his leg
“No, she’s not in the house.”

Of course, dad went in the house, checking every room, and both the cellars. He checked the summer kitchen, and the other out buildings. He was really frantic by now…

“I guess she went in the cornfield, you’ll never find her!” mom said finally.

After dad got in the field a couple rows, mom started laughing.

“She’s up at Mr. Smith’s, you better go get her.” Mom said, telling him that his grand daughter had called.

I don’t remember this actually happening. I do know that I loved going up to Mr. Smith’s, roaming around the barn, barnyard… It may have been a cruel joke to play, but I think dad learned his lesson. Holly likes to roam, and you gotta keep an eye on her.

I still like to roam
I always know where I’m going!

Dad’s Momentos

Thought I’d also share something of my dad’s – his belt buckles and other keepsakes. Sorry about the glare, it was taken with my cell phone just this morning. Considering that I didn’t share any of his stories last week, I figured I’d also share this.

Of all his belt buckles, “MAX” was his favorite. I’ve glued it to his picture frame, as I did my mom’s Navy name tag to hers.

There’s also pocket watch ‘s – one of which, I believe was my great grandfather’s, pins, bola’s, and a someone’s name tag. I don’t think he ever wore any of the buckle’s featured here.

One of these days, I’ll take the box down off the wall and take some different photos. But not today.

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When I’m at my best,
I’m my father’s daughter

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  1. Aww, such a funny and heartfelt story to share. That’s adorable—I’m sure he learned his lesson then!

    It was also cool to read about his mementos as well. Great post! 👍

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