Daddy Long Legs

July 23, 2020

I’m hoping today will be a good day! We had a good, steady rain yesterday evening which was sorely needed. It hadn’t rained here in over two weeks. Well, we did get a little rain about a week ago, but it didn’t amount to anything. What you might consider a tease! It rained – slow and steady – for a few hours yesterday evening. All the animals and plants are happy!

It looks like it’s going to be a gray day, a good day to work on the computer. Which I think I need to take care of some computer stuff, and get my photos off my camera so I can work on them. I might even go out and get some yard work done, or work in my gardens. With the intense summer heat, they have been a little neglected.

So, anyway…

Hope you enjoy!

originally posted Nov 9, 2019

Taken October 27, 2019
available at Picfair

“Look daddy
can’t you see
it’s a daddy long leg
nibbling on me!”
~ HCMorris ~

And yes, it was trying to bite me, but it couldn’t. It was originally on my thumb, but as I snapped the picture, it jumped down onto my hand. It felt like an annoying little something trying to bite me!

So, here are some facts about “daddy long legs”…

  • “daddy long legs” is just a common name for harvestmen, which are arachnids, but not true spiders.
  • Spiders sport six to eight eyes, but harvestmen rely on a single pair
  • Although harvestmen have what are considered “fangs,” they do not have “fangs” for the purpose of injecting venom like a true spider does.
  • Harvestmen also lack the ability to spin silk and weave webs. Instead, they are ambush predators.

“Dear Daddy Long Legs, You never answered my question and it was very important. Are you bald? ~ Jean Webster”

to see what photos/art I have available, click on any link below…

picfair (spiders)
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pinterest (Hollys Photos)

Hope you enjoyed and are having a great day!
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