American Legend: George Washington (2)

July 28, 2020

American Legend: George Washington
“Judicious George” and “Here!”

Today’s stories come from American Folklore and Legend by Reader’s Digest. I picked two because they are short. At times, it seems, it is hard to separate the man from the myth. For this reason, I do believe at some point I will do a fact vs fiction post in the near future.
These two stories are pure invention…according to the book!
Both of these stories are from the 19th century (1800’s).

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“Real men despise battle, but never run from it.”
~ George Washington

Judicious George

“Nothing was more common when the boys were in high dispute about a question of fact than for some little shaver among the mimic heroes to call out: “Well, boys! George Washington was there; he knows all about it, and if he don’t say it was so, then we will give it up.” “Done,” said the adverse party. Then away they would trot to hunt for George. Soon as his verdict was heard, the party favored would begin to crow, and then all hands would return to play again… He was never guilty of so brutish a patience as that of fighting them himself, nor would he, when able to prevent it, allow them to fight.”


“An Englishman in Philadelphia, speaking of the presidency of Washington, was expressing a wish to behold him. “There he goes!” replied the American, pointing to a tall, erect, dignified personage passing on the other side of the street.
That George Washington!” he exclaimed. “Where is his guard?”
“Here!” exclaimed the American, striking his bosom with emphasis.”

George Washington quote: A person who is anxious to be a leader of...
“A person who is anxious to be a leader of the fashion, or one of the first to follow it, will certainly appear in the eyes of judicious men to have nothing better than a frequent change of dress to recommend him to notice.” ~ George Washington

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