little things

August 9, 2020

Sunday’s Inspiration

“The little things?
The little moments?
They aren’t little.”
~ John Kabat-Zinn

“Sometimes the little things
in life are enough.”
~ Angie Welland-Crosby

“Take life day by day
and be grateful for the little things.
Don’t get stressed
over what you can’t control.”
~ life quotes

“Conquer the devil
with a little thing called love”
~ Bob Marley

(not my image)


[fee-ka], Swedish
a moment to slow down and
appreciate the good things in life

“And it’s just a box of rain
I don’t know who put it there
Believe it if you need it
Or leave it if you dare
And it’s just a box of rain
Or a ribbon for your hair
Such a long long time to be gone
And a short time to be there

~ Box of Rain
Grateful Dead

“It’s the little things
that will get us through”
~ HCMorris

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not my image

And from the cressy brook’s green side
“Forget-me-not,” a small voice cried.

take care
stay safe
much love

3 Comments on “little things

  1. Forget me not
    The little things
    Did cry
    For it’s the
    Little things
    That make
    Our lives
    Worth while!

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