and the green grass grew all around

August 12, 2020

just wanted to show you this photo…it’s the same one as is in some random cell phone pics

doesn’t it look much better than it did before? I have no idea what happened… but I’m happier with this one. The only difference is that I was able to load it in directly from my media file. I actually took that copy and pasted photo out and updated it, so at some point, none of this will make sense.

I’ve actually been able to work on the azalea bush a little more since this photo was taken. But that’s a show and tell for another day!

And, here’s some photos I have available at different shops/sites…
photos are also linked…

Abstract Throw Pillow featuring the photograph Black Cat by Holly Morris
Black Cat throw pillow
available at Pixels
white dogwood bloom turned blue swirl
White Dogwood Bloom Turned Blue Swirl
available at Shutterstock (abstracts)
an abstract flower with the words "never lose your sense of wonder"
available at Pinterest
* it says it’s copyrighted, but it is available as public domain – I do believe

Never lose your sense of wonder

baby spider
available at Picfair
* I just uploaded this today, so it should be available in 24 hours or less

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

PPPPPHHHHHTTTTT I'm not weird I'm 'limited edition'!

I’m not weird
I’m limited edition

take care
stay safe
much love

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