my name is max: the new addition

August 12, 2020

before the new addition, where the windows are, is where the doors would go

In 1986, my parents added onto the old farm house! The contractor my parents hired to build didn’t live up to my parents expectations, so half way through they fired him and dad finished it himself. They didn’t pay him in full, either. The outer wall, foundation and roof had been put on before he was fired. I don’t know exactly what caused my parents to fire him, but I do know they weren’t happy.

I remember using the rafters of the floor, before the plywood was put down as balance beams. Mom would yell at me to get back in the house, before I fell. “I am in the house!” I would reply. I know she was scared that I’d fall, but I wasn’t. It was a long drop…to concrete, and I’d be hurtin’ pretty good if I did fall. Luckily, my parents had enrolled me in gymnastics when I was younger.

And after the floors were put down, and the doors cut out, my grandmother and I would sit out there and paint rocks.

View of the new addition, me pulling the sled

The first winter it was complete, there was a leak in the front corner where the new addition met up with the old part. It would freeze, and no matter what, my dad couldn’t fix it.

The new addition consisted of a living room big enough for three couches and a chair or two, a papa bear (Fischer) wood stove, a laundry room with shelving for a pantry, and a full basement. There was an attic, but it was basically just a crawl space.  When Christmas came around, there was enough room to put up the Christmas tree and the train platform (not the one we have now) without having to move furniture.

~ I have pics of dad working on the new addition…somewhere! When I find them, I will be sure to include them, as well as some photos from inside.

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