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August 26, 2020

what do you think?

I think I’ve pretty much finished his story…at least the rough draft. Now, on to editing. I might have a story or two to add, but we will see what comes to me while I’m editing. There is a story about me flying over my bike’s handle bars, when I was trying to mimic dad one day. Not sure if I’ll add it though.

Sometimes I wonder how I’m even still alive, but those are thoughts for another day.

Anyway… the book is 61 pages long, with a 14,781 word count. I guess it would be considered a short story. When he started writing his story – and I took over – it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 6 pages long. He didn’t think anyone would be interested in his story. Have I proved him wrong?

I hope so!

memory poem for Mum & Grandma - never forgotten ~ poem

Never Forgotten

“I think of things you used to say
And all that you would do
At some point, every single day
My thoughts will turn to you.

To lose you was a bitter wrench
The pain cut to my core
I cried until my tears ran out
And then I cried some more.

This wouldn’t be your wish for me
That I’d be ever sad
So I try to remind myself
Of happy times we had.

I know I can’t be with you now
And you can’t be with me
But safe inside my heart you’ll stay
That’s where you’ll always be.”
~ A poem by MS MOEM

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If you would like to read any of my dad’s story, you can click on the following link…

My Dad’s Story

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  1. I reckon that’ll be a lovely book to read. You should add the handlebars story. it’ll be a light, cute and special moment in the tale.

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