my name is Max: an introduction

Sept 9, 2020

While going over this, I’m not sure if this will be the introduction, or the back cover. I guess time will tell. I’ve also included the table of contents…with links. Some of the links are missing – as of right now – I just need to go and find those posts.

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It all began with a name . . .

“My name is Max, short for nothin’”. Not Maxwell, Maximilian, Maximus, Maxy, Maxie. Just plain, old Max.

When my mother was pregnant with me, her younger sister, my aunt, was dating a guy named Max. Everyone loved him and thought for sure that they would get married. Shortly before I was born, they broke up. But my mother insisted on naming me Max. I have no idea what my name would have been if I had been a girl. As I only had two brothers, there’s no way of knowing. So it all began with a name, and the rest, they say is history.

In theses pages you will read about a boy who was born on a farm in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, grew up as a boy in the mountains of West Virginia, and married the love of his life and raised his family in the Maryland countryside.

This story is written partly by me, but mostly by my daughter – Holly. My daughter took over writing my story, because I got to sick and unfortunately, passed away before it could all be written down.  If you were to ask her, she would tell you that my story was too short.

“Nearly 80 years of life, and you only have 6 pages. You’ve got a lot more to tell!”
~ HCMorris

My dad was Floyd W. Morris (1912 – 1983), of Welsh/German descent and the youngest of four boys. Floyd’s parents were Benjamin and Margaret “Lovey” (Divelbiss) Morris.  When digging into my dad’s family history we found many kings and queens in the lineage – from Wales, Sweden, Finland, and Russia, if we made the connection right.

My mother was Marion C. Shaffer, (1918-2013) of mostly German/English descent (you will find, French, English, Irish, Dutch in both trees). She was the next to youngest of 9 surviving children of Cecil and Lydia (Mason) Shaffer

A note from Holly: “My youth” (part one) was primarily written by my dad, being edited by me. The rest of the story was written by me, getting details and any missing links from dad. The fact that my parents took so many photos, helped me in writing my dad’s story.

Hope you enjoy!

    – Holly

 Table Of Contents

Part One 1937-1953
My Youth

  • Little Brook Farm
  • Hyndman Farm, 1949

Teen Years/Young Adult 1954-1968

  • moving to Maryland/my first marriage
  • Vietnam

Part Two 1969-1990

Part Three 1991-2017
later life

Part Four
Funny stories


Max’s Obituary

“Life will always be
to a large extent
what we ourselves make it.”
~ Samuel Smiles

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“God gave us memories that we might have roses in December.”
~ J.M.Barrie

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  1. Holly, this is all beautiful. And I’ll enjoy reading them. I love reading true stories of love, faith, loss, happiness, etc…true life! Bless you! 💚

  2. I’ve done some reading, including the cancer story. I’ll continue later today. Enjoy your day, Holly. 🙏❤️👼

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