you are my sunshine, my only sunshine ( a sunshine blogger award)

September 13, 2020

“It is the artist’s job to create sunshine
when the sun fails.”
~ Romain Rolland

Hello all! Wanted to share with you that I have been nominated for another sunshine blogger award and I am very grateful!! Thank you to Lisa at for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Here are the rules for my nominees:

RULES: Thank the person who nominated you, add the link to their blog, answer the eleven questions given to you, nominate 11 other bloggers, ask your nominees 11 other questions and notify your nominees after you upload your post.

So here are Lisa’s questions for me:

1. If you could go anywhere right now where would it be? anywhere there is no evil

2. Beach or Mountains? Absolutely love the beach, but only to visit…too many hurricanes. So I have to choose the mountains!

3. Do you like whip cream on your hot chocolate? Always!

4. Are you always early, right on time, or late? usually early

5. Do you push snooze on your alarm clock? what alarm clock? LOL

6. What decade in your lifetime has been your favorite? I would have to say the 1980’s – a very carefree time in my life. But I wouldn’t give up the year my son was born – 1998 – either.

7. Pepsi or Coke? neither – prefer root beer or sprite

8. Dogs or Cats? dogs, but I had a cat – Kalimba, who thought he was a dog and was my absolute favorite cat I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing

9. What is another hobby you have besides writing? gardening

10. Can you cook? Legit question not everyone can (me). I can, but I don’t like to. I have been known to burn water. I can whip up a mean batch of brownies or cookies though.

11. Blanket over head, or head out over blanket. I can’t stand to have my head covered.

Here are my nominees:

Well, I can’t just pick a handful of you to nominate! Every one of you are unique and have something special to offer. So if you’re reading this, consider yourself nominated! If you feel like participating, or just answering the questions…just copy and paste into your blog.

And here are my questions for you:

  1. do you believe in ghosts?

2. what three things would you do if you won the lottery?

3. have you ever sent a text message to the wrong person?

4. What is the first four letter word that comes to mind?

5. what scares you the most and why?

6. would you rather find true love or a million dollars?

7. describe yourself with a movie name

8. what is your favorite dinosaur?

9. if you could meet anyone from history, who would it be and why?

10. what does your name mean?

11. which actor/actress do you think would be the best to play you in a movie about your life?

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

how can you lift an elephant with one hand?

take care
stay safe
much love

4 Comments on “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine ( a sunshine blogger award)

  1. 1. yeah and experienced a few off debt, buy a house, be charitable
    3. nope
    4. fuck
    5. death. cant imagine no longer existing
    6. already found true love, the money would be great if i didn’t have to pay taxes on it and actually got the full million
    7. American Pie
    8. None
    9. Lou Costello- Amazing Comic Actor/Humanitarian
    10. Both my first and middle are Biblical, no clue what Matthew David means other than that.
    11. Josh Gad

  2. Love this, and all your answer! What a fun way to get to know one another a little better! The 80’s were the best to me too. Although both my kids were 90’s babies too. Thanks for sharing! Oh happy day! 💜 Lisa

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