How do you deskunk a cat?

September 17, 2020

Wow! I didn’t realize that my cat passed away almost exactly a year after he was skunked!! (He passed away June 25 of this year) From what I remember, Kalimba had spent the night outside, and when my son let him in – before I got up – he didn’t realize that the cat had been skunked. The smell is what actually woke me up… I just thought that something outside had been gotten by the skunk. But then I realized that the skunk smell was really strong around Kalimba…took a whiff of him, and phew! Did he stink!!

There are solutions on the web, all of which include mixing a solution of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and liquid soap and rubbing it into the cat’s fur. This solution also requires a rinse off of sorts, the hydrogen peroxide can bleach the cats fur if left on too long… This seems like a two person job with a cat, and quite dangerous, as I don’t know any cat that would allow this. Let alone my Kalimba.

So, what did I do? Baking soda! Every chance I got, rubbed a handful of baking soda into his fur! At first he allowed it, but as the smell dissipated, the less he allowed me to mess with him.

originally posted June 24, 2019

My cat was skunked last night and now my house stinks!!!!

Below you will find photos I took over the weekend in my gardens and our family reunion.

Yellow and orange
75th Shaffer reunion cake

The house reeks,
the cat has turned gray…
How do you deskunk a cat anyway?

I’ve been putting baking soda on him every chance I get! I know tomato juice works…(as noted above, a hydrogen peroxide mixture seems to be the best option when trying to deskunk any pet), but there’s no way my cat is going to let me give him a bath. So, baking soda is the best I can do!!

Hanging out

These are just a few photos I took over the weekend! There’s plenty more, but they will just have to wait! About time for me to get in the pool…and try not to think about my stinky house.

Kissing the sky

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~ Arapaho

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