flower and ice

September 19, 2020

hmmm…another picture of the week! But not a recent one. When I picked this post to reblog, I didn’t realize it was a picture of the week. It does seem that we are getting back into the cold season…rather quickly, if you ask me. It got down to 48 degrees outside last night. Luckily, my house holds heat pretty well. It’s 71 degrees inside. Tonight, I will more than likely have to light a fire in the wood stove.

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originally posted Jan 25, 2020

Picture of the Week

taken January 19, 2020
F-Stop: f/5.6; exposure time: 1/25sec; ISO 400
focal length 48mm
available at Picfair

Jan 25, 2020 . . . This week has been a pretty cold week so I didn’t get out that much to take pics. This is the only photo I have for the week . . . 🙁 . . . so I have to go with it. Or, take some time, work on a photo, and post later…which I can’t really do as we have a funeral to go to.

“Today is only one day in all the days that will be.
But what will happen in all the other days that ever come can depend on what you do today.”
~ Ernest Hemingway

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“Isn’t it funny
how day by day
nothing changes
but when you look back
everything is different.”
~ C. S. Lewis

take care
stay safe
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5 Comments on “flower and ice

  1. So hard to believe it’s cooling down around the country when we wake up to 80 degrees outside. Part of that is due to California ash overhead. I am extremely ready for a bit of a cool down.

    • It’s only 64 degrees here at the moment, the haze from the CA fires has mostly cleared out.
      I’m not ready for winter yet…just closed my pool today 😭 and brought some firewood in, just in case.
      Hope you get a bit of a break soon!

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