feel the feeling, but don’t become the emotion

September 29, 2020

picture of the day

First, I have to say I’m sorry for not posting “fun with words” yesterday. I was busy all afternoon moving furniture and blowing up an air mattress. Remember how I said not too long ago that change was in the air? Well, this is part of that change. I’ll explain more as time goes on, but I’m moving from my basement bedroom into my library. What happens from there, I have no idea. I just felt it was time.

wave of fire
available at Pixels

“When nothing is sure,
everything is possible.”
~ Margaret Drabble

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“And then she realized that a fresh start was hers for the taking, that she could be the woman she’s always seen on the distant horizon – her future self. One step at a time.
Starting today.”
~ Life On Purpose


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stay safe
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