life happens, coffee helps

September 30, 2020

Sorry this is so late this morning! I am sick…I think it’s just a cold at the moment, but I still don’t feel good. Didn’t even wake up til almost 8am. I started feeling “bad” yesterday afternoon, when my blood pressure crashed when I got up off the couch. If the chair hadn’t been nearby for me to grab hold of, I probably would have ended up on the floor. Any way, low grade fever, achy, cold sweat, upset stomach… those are my symptoms. Just wanted to let you know…

picture of the day

Christmas Cactus
taken November 21, 2019
f-stop: f/5.6; exposure time: 1/80sec; ISO 800
focal length 55mm
available at Picfair

“Give me the wisdom
to know what must be done
and the courage to do it”
~ unknown

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hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

here is a new image I recently uploaded to my shop… I can’t figure out how to center the image on screen… I won’t do this all the time, I don’t think! This is all new to me, I will figure this out

take care
stay safe
much love

A lot of my life is just drinking coffee
and quietly freaking out, but in a dignified,
grown up way.

7 Comments on “life happens, coffee helps

  1. Coffee always helps (and faith ;-). Prayers you feel better soon! Yesterday was National Coffee Day by the way. Sip sip hooray for WP friends and coffee. Be blessed my friend.

  2. Coffee is a life savor, and guess what I still have yet to make my bed. It is usually the first thing I do. My hubby was up with a sick stomach all night. He still made it to work. I hope you feel better, and rest! Drink lots of water! 💜 Blessings Lisa

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