oh Friday, let me hug you!

October 8, 2020

I woke up this morning thinking today was Friday, and I thought it was so only til a couple hours ago. It’s been a long week…so ready for it to be over! It all started with my boyfriend’s truck not starting Saturday night (October 3). Then I broke the leg off my book case and discovered mold in the corner behind where my file cabinet and printer used to be.

I do have to say, I got the bookcase fixed, in its resting place and the books put back in it. I washed the corner, got rid of the mold and got 2 coats of KILZ on it. Another coat in the morning, and we should be good to go.

I have to say, that I absolutely love the lamp. I think it’s cast iron. Even if it’s not, it’s some kind of metal/iron and it’s heavy.

So, yesterday, we sit down to dinner my boyfriend got up to get a refill of milk. He came back in and made the statement that the milk seemed warm. After unplugging it and checking it…it seems that it has stopped running. Yes, after twenty something years, the refrigerator stopped running and I was able to catch it!

But in all seriousness…the motor stopped. I just bought the thing in April of last year (2019). So we have it unplugged and will leave it as such for twenty four hours. Tomorrow morning, we will plug it back in and hope for the best. We think that it’s very possible something may have froze. If nothing happens, I will have to call the repairman. Which means that it’s possible we will be living out of coolers for the weekend.

one thing I don’t get is the freezer seemed fine,
everything ice cold
Ice cream rock hard

Everything that’s in the fridge at the moment won’t go bad.
My boyfriend thought it was a good idea to leave everything open, to let it air out. I just agreed. He was so upset with not having a computer (Ihad disconnected it to move furniture…I had no idea events would unfold the way they did!) and then the refrigerator problem, on top of everything else…I’m just going with it right now.

What else can I do?
I had to keep myself busy with projects all day, just to keep from breaking down. I know, it could be worse…

I’ve got a roof over my head
food on the table
heat in the winter
friends and family
that love and care

…so yes, it could be worse, and hopefully by this time next week, it will be a distant memory.
Tomorrow will be better!! It’s gotta be!

How has your day been?

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

How can you lift an elephant
with one hand?

(Where will you find an elephant with one hand?)

take care
stay safe
much love

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