Housework Done Properly

October 15, 2020

I took out the text that wasn’t relative to “today”, considering that it was/is old news. Apparently, that weekend way back when, I drained the hot water tank and worked in the gardens. Not surprising…

Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted May 21, 2019

housework done properly can kill you!

Believe it or not, I do clean my house! Although it would seem that I spend most of my time outside. This is true…but household chores are completed as they need to be.
Ever heard the saying…

“Great moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, piles of laundry, dirty ovens And happy kids”?

Well, that’s me to a tee. But that is a post for another day. Today, I will be reshowing the photos I took on that May weekend that seems oh so long ago…

Tree Frogs

tree frogs in the pool

I’ve linked above (tree frogs in the pool) to my video on youtube…take a listen and let me know if you think it’s a turkey chirping on a tree frog… it was taken at night, so there isn’t much to see

That Saturday night back in May, the tree frogs went crazy! My boyfriend and I were sitting on the porch…the tree frogs kept getting louder and louder. We could barely even hear the traffic on the interstate they were so loud! Yes, I live that close to I-70…but we deal with it, considering we virtually have no neighbors…

Stayed up WAY too late! But it was worth it, got to enjoy some songs from the tree frogs. This past spring and summer (2020), there were barely any tree frogs. Really weird, but I guess that’s 2020…

There were at least five frogs in the pool, or rather, on the pool cover. At one point we started hearing what sounded like a turkey chirp. It was really weird – especially since they’re usually roosting by the time we heard it.

Turns out, they were frogs chirping… but my boyfriend won’t believe it.

I’m glad I turned the radio off so we could hear the sounds of nature!

They love the bugs that are in the pool! Of course, we drained the tarp out yesterday so there’s not as much water. (We usually try not to let water sit on the pool cover because of the bugs – especially mosquitoes.)


When I lifted the tarp off of the mulch, there were mushrooms growing. And of course, I took pictures! If you know me, I always have a camera on hand. Well, almost always! I couldn’t tell you how many opportunities I have missed, because I didn’t have my camera or cell phone!

I had to take pictures before we started mulching…they would be gone as soon as we started. Last year… mushrooms, this year, snake eggs!

crepe myrtles near the driveway
holly trees further back

We didn’t get it all finished, but we got the majority! That black “spot” near the top left side of the photo is a morning dove…I guess it got startled and had just taken off from the power line it had been perched on. (Can’t even tell that we mulched it now. It was actually my boyfriend’s idea and we got the mulch for free from the local landfill.)

transplanted Lilacs…

the Lilac on the right (below) died, but that’s ok. I have plenty. Just leaves me a spot for something else (my original Crepe Myrtle keeps having babies, even though they say they don’t reproduce like that. All the crepe myrtles on my property are babies from my original planted in 2006 or’07. So I could put a crepe myrtle there)

crepe myrtles and lilac bushes

All of the mulching was done early Sunday morning – before it got too hot! And it did get quite warm here…and humid.


There’s actually at least four yucca plants here (above). They say to take the seeds from the flower pods (when it’s done blooming) and discard them if you don’t want a bunch of yucca plants growing. I never do, that’s why I have six different yucca groups growing around the property.

Sometimes, you can get the babies out relatively easily. Actually, the babies are easy – the original or host plant is nearly impossible. I was going to to the transplant the original plant this yucca came from a while back….I dug and dug and dug, and then dug some more and could NOT get it out of the ground. So I left it and took the babies. I also found an oak tree baby while doing this, so I transplanted it. It’s only about eight inches tall! ( I think my boyfriend mowed it down before he realized what it was! He does that a lot, not so much anymore.)

Moon set

that weekend morning, there was a pretty moon set!

moon set crop

Flower Pictures

I literally took the picture above that morning, by the afternoon it had opened up!

yellow iris

Out of all the Iris’ I have, this is the only yellow one! I have yellow and brown ones, but only one pure yellow!

iris’ and roses

Uggg…I really need to get in there and weed. I guess that’s next on my list!

peony bloom and ball

What do you call the peony flower that hasn’t opened up yet? Most flowers it’s a bud…but that doesn’t really look like a “bud” to me…or is it?

white peony
another white peony
wild roses

The wild roses in the picture above is actually growing in the rose bush . . . It’s huge…about eight feet tall, if not taller! There are so many vines and trees growing in it, I’m doing a major cut back of it soon. I’ve got at least three other bushes (taken from it) so whatever happens it will be ok. (Not supposed to prune rose bushes til around President’s Day.)

soft pink rose

Abstract Photos

yellow iris swirl
moon set galaxy inverted
“wild mushrooms”
wild mushrooms swirl
mushrooms turned blue swirled with black paint
mushrooms swirled
two mushrooms cropped and inverted
three mushrooms inverted and swirled
mushroom swirl

I really had fun working on the mushroom abstracts…

So, until next time I will leave you with this…

“A garden is a friend you can visit anytime” – Anonymous

“When heaven falls to Earth, it becomes a garden” – Stouffer

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

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