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October 23, 2020

my thoughts for today

spoiled or sour milk

You remember my post, don’t throw that milk out! I posted on the 19th (of October)? Well, one thing I didn’t mention in the post, when I posted it, was about allergies!! Specifically, milk or dairy allergies. I just today, took a milk bath….after soaking for ten minutes or so, I started itching! I’m allergic to milk!! I didn’t even think about it, really…I drink milk every day! I already added to the post about allergies, and I have taken some Benadryl to help stop the itching! I may have to take a shower in a little bit, we’ll see! On the plus side, my hair does seem softer.

Maybe, if I’m going to insist on taking milk baths, I need to do it a little at a time…meaning, not so much milk in the bath! We shall see…

And then there’s this…

Do you know what that is? Looks like a black ball or something in the tree? If you guessed a hornet’s nest, you guessed right.

I was sitting out on the deck a little while ago, before my itchy, milk bath and noticed it. It’s a cell phone pic, which is why it’s hard to see any detail… I took some pics with the zoom lens on my CANON, but I need to work on them first. So maybe one day next week I’ll be able to upload them and show them to you.

All summer long, we have seen a hornet here and there, flying around. But never any swarms or anything, and they left us alone, so no big deal. Not really. Now that the leaves are coming off the trees, things like that are more noticeable. I doubt it will have to come down, unless the hornets get to be a problem. Or, the tree or branch falls down. Hmm…my guess is that it is 50 feet or so away from the deck. Give or take…and it’s way up high! So, if we need to do anything with it, we’ll have to get a professional in here. A professional …what? Tree trimmer? Exterminator? I’ll leave that to the professionals!! Hahaha…

And now, I’m going to ask you for a little help, if you could? It has to do with my shop. I’m pretty sure it’s up and running like it should be, but I won’t know until someone buys something. I can do all the test runs I want, and it seems to be good in that regard.

Not even sure if I need stripe, considering that a credit card can be used if there is no PayPal account. That’s the way I set it up, before I added stripe. If you have any thoughts, you can contact me, email me at hollysworld77@gmail.com, DM me on twitter or PM me on facebook. I might just take away the stripe option, I have no idea, and won’t really know until I know things are working.

images available on my shop

I really don’t like doing this, coming to you for help with my shop. But I need to, so I know if everything’s working properly. This way too, I can move forward with plans… I’d like to add a bundling option, sales, and eventually maybe even prints, but not if things aren’t working at the moment.

Thank you!

Now, I know what’s going to happen… I’ll sell a bunch of photos, now that I’ve asked for your help! All I really need is just one of you. At that point, I’ll delete this part of the post. Well, after everything goes through, the sale is finalized and “you” have gotten your email.You should get an email once payment is complete … if everything goes accordingly.

I got a notice not so long ago, that it takes about a month to start selling anything. I set it up about two weeks ago. So, at this time I’m trying my best to be patient…trying to, anyway!

don’t rush things
they will happen
when they are supposed to
let things fall into place

I’m trying oh so hard, to be patient
…but it’s hard!
So I’m asking for help!!
Thanks again!!

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

October 24th is National Bologna Day! | Foodimentary - National Food  Holidays

national bologna day
October 24

take care
stay safe
much love

Now, I will go and check things out on/in my shop…

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