The Storm Ship

October 29, 2020

this story comes from American Folklore and Legend by Reader’s Digest
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“One day in the early years of the colony of New Amsterdam, a frightful storm descended on Manhattan Island. When it lifted, the watch at the fort of the southern tip of the island shouted that a ship was approaching from the Atlantic. Word passed quickly from mouth to mouth, for everyone had something to expect from a ship – loved ones, news from the homeland, supplies. The colonists assembled at the harbor and soon saw the sails coming over the horizon. They buzzed with excitement as the ship bore up the bay, but when she drew near and was hailed, no one on board replied. Sailing against wind and tide, the ship went on up the Hudson, leaving the good folk disappointed and mystified.

Hudson, New York | Henry hudson project, Henry hudson, Hudson
Henry Hudson
C 1565 – 1611 (disappeared)

“Week after week they waited in vain for the ship to return. Meanwhile, reports began to reach them of a strange ship spotted navigating up and down the river, especially when a storm was in the air. Some people claimed they could hear the captain shouting orders in Dutch. And as time passed, people along the river began to realize what the were seeing: It was the Half Moon of Henry Hudson, discoverer of the river in 1609 – dead since 1611. Some said he was still seeking the Northwest Passage, others that he and his crew had returned merely to revel. But for many years people claimed to see the topsails of this ship glittering in the moonlight along the Hudson River, and when they did, troublesome times always followed.

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