Month: October 2020

bottoms up!

October 27, 2020 my thoughts for todaynot all the photos are available anywherebut I’m working on it!if available, it is noted where Do you know how hard it is to work, from end to beginning? Well, that’s what I’ve been doing since yesterday…not so… Continue Reading “bottoms up!”

to survive, I will fight every day of my life

October 27, 2020 picture of the day “to survive, I will fight every day of my life” ~ Saloni Sankhe a survivortaken October 13, 2020f-stop: f/9; exposure time: 1/80sec; ISO 1600focal length 55mmCANON EOS Rebel T6 “It is a serious thingjust to be alive… Continue Reading “to survive, I will fight every day of my life”

sense of wonder

October, 26, 2020 “I am no birdand no net ensnares meI am a free human beingwith an independent will.”~ Charlotte Bronte I have no idea what’s going on here, but this isn’t right. I can’t scroll, can’t see below what’s on the screen… so… Continue Reading “sense of wonder”

never stop wondering, never stop wandering

October 26, 2020 picture of the day “The world is quiet here”~ Lemony Snicket blend in with naturean image of a large, yellow and black butterfly trying to hide behind some mintwith the words “blend in with nature, it will take care of you”(not… Continue Reading “never stop wondering, never stop wandering”

I hope you embrace it all

October 25, 2020 Sunday’s Inspiration Embrace Your Weirdness with out rainnothing growslearn to embracethe storms of your life DON’T FEAR CHANGE ~ EMBRACE IT “Embrace the glorious mess that you are”~ Elizabeth Gilbert “when I rise uplet me rise up joyfullike a bird when… Continue Reading “I hope you embrace it all”

always be on the lookout . . .

October 24, 2020 photo of the week “always be on the lookoutfor the presence of wonder”~ E. B. White “To see a worldin a grain of sandAnd a heaven in a wildflowerHold infinity in the palm of your handAnd eternity in an hour”~ William… Continue Reading “always be on the lookout . . .”

everything is working out as it should

October 23, 2020 my thoughts for today You remember my post, don’t throw that milk out! I posted on the 19th (of October)? Well, one thing I didn’t mention in the post, when I posted it, was about allergies!! Specifically, milk or dairy allergies.… Continue Reading “everything is working out as it should”