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November 4, 2020

Today, I’m gonna show you some pics from when we went camping at Willow Bay Campground, in upstate Pennsylvania, in 2014.

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sit around the campfire
eat s’mores
go fishing
star gaze
make memories
family and friends

Hope you enjoy!

Willow Bay Recreation Area | Allegheny Site Management | Allegheny National  Forest | Bradford, PA | RV Camping, Tents, Cabins, Boat Rentals
internet image
we were camping in the loop to the left, almost right on the water

Willow Bay is located in the Alleghany National Forrest, outside of Bradford, Pennsylvania…not that far south of the New York State border.

The campground offers dozens of campsites available for tent or RV camping. It is comprised of four loops, some of which have walk-to tent campsites and others have back-in RV sites with electric hookups. Each site offers a table and a campfire ring with grill. Accessible flush and vault [compost] toilets, as well as showers and drinking water are provided.

Willow Bay - Campsite Photos

Our campsite (below)… It was walk in, walk out which wasn’t so bad once everything was at the site. Being how we were in “bear country”, we learned the first night that we had to put our coolers under the picnic table. But it wasn’t bears that got into the dog food, it was raccoons.

The campground is situated along the shores of Willow Bay, which is behind me in the photo below. It was awesome being able to walk a short distance to the lake to go swimming. Anytime we wanted, but usually only during the day. Although I did walk down to the waters edge a few times at night…

Willow Bay is part of the Allegheny Reservoir. We were there for a week, and only had one encounter with wildlife. After the first night, the raccoons came back once or twice, but left in frustration after realizing they couldn’t get to any of the food.

our campsite from the waters edge


and closer…

We actually had a lot of room to spread out, and quite a bit of privacy. Having compost toilets, we only used them when necessary! I’m not ashamed to say that I used the great outdoors when I could.

I have a photo somewhere that shows a tarp that we tied to the sun shelter, unfurled…this provided extra room, especially when it rained. You can kinda see it pulled over the sun shelter, above.

she always got away with things that normally wouldn’t be tolerated
looking into the sunset

We arrived on a Sunday, and after we got the campsite set up, we decided to go into town, to check things out.

It started raining…
And the windshield wipers broke.
And by broke, I don’t mean the wipers came off…the wipers stopped working. Turn the wipers on, nothing happens!
It was a Sunday!
We’re in a strange town…
Trying to find someone to help was extremely irritating. And the people were rude. But eventually I found someone to help, tomorrow (Monday!).
Turns out, the bolts that hold the wipers on had become loose.
From that day on, until I got rid of it after my dad passed away, I would have trouble with the wipers!

And wouldn’t you know, I only had trouble with them when it was raining?
That’s the way it goes!

On the plus side, that – and the raccoons, were the only troubles we had during our visit to Willow Bay

Willow Bay

Our campsite was to the left…

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more to come!

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