what is normal?

November 5, 2020

my thoughts for today

My brain has been a jumbled mess the last week or so, and wanted to apologize for not being around (posting?) like I normally do. I know I don’t need to, but I feel that I should… There is so much going through my mind, I sometimes can’t make sense of it unless I walk away for a bit. And even then, after a break, my brain doesn’t really want to function. So, I do the best I can at the moment…

Things here in the US are a total mess…looks like voting fraud is running rampant this election. But I’m not getting into that! The only thing I will say is, there are people questioning how Biden got so many votes when he didn’t campaign, couldn’t draw a crowd when he did venture out (blaming it on covid)… dead people are voting, people are voting multiple times, and poll watchers aren’t being allowed to watch the count. And, people were told to vote with sharpies, which disqualifies the vote – if voting by paper. It’s a mess!!!!!

But, this is a discussion for another day!

Remember the hornets nest I told you I found not so long ago?

never poke a hornet’s nest

Well, here are two pictures of it…taken with the CANON EOS Rebel xt, with the zoom lens.
My boyfriend asked what they do during the winter. I didn’t know, so I looked it up…

“In the vast majority of cases, mated queens are the only wasps and hornets to survive the winter.
They do so by hibernating under bark, in a rock crevice or in a burrow.
When spring arrives, they wake up and start constructing a new nest
— queens never go back to their old ones.”

Workers and males die in the fall or winter…
from this article, it sounds like the nest is abandoned in the winter
and queen’s don’t return to an old nest

here’s the link for the post where I first mention the hornets nest: everything is working out as it should

You know I’ve been working on moving my bedroom into my parents old bedroom…

The bed is behind the roll top desk…I just have nowhere to move it at the moment. And I’m not moving it back downstairs. The huge map on the wall in the background is from 1944, when my mom was born. There’s also a map from 1937, when my dad was born. I’d like to get a map from when I was born (1977) and my son’s birth year (1998). It hasn’t happened yet.

my closet – with no doors!

I actually can’t stand doors. Some doors are necessary… but if they’re not, they’re taken down and stored in the basement. I actually got the shelf back up and clothes hanging! I also got baskets…for sheets, pants/jeans, shoes…

I’ve only got room for two dressers! So I’ve got to figure out how to store clothes, sheets and blankets. I’ve got a dresser in the guest room for sheets that go on that bed, so storing things in the guest room isn’t an option. Besides, that room is as full as it can be! Even the closet is full of seasonal clothes!
That’s where baskets come in handy!! The books that you see are To Be Read.

I’ve got plants every where! And somehow I managed to have extra hooks, which is how I managed to hang my blue candle lantern in front of the window…there is actually on more hook available. Don’t know how that happened…

Eventually I want to change that window into a door, after I extend the deck out. The thought of being able to walk out onto the deck and to the pool from the bedroom is very appealing to me. But that’s going to be a while…

the images in this post will be available on my shop soon!

available on my shop

Which leads me to this…if you want to purchase a download, please provide a valid email address! If the email provided is fake or bogus, no download will be available. Everything works through email…once payment is completed (either paypal or credit card), you will get an email with the download purchased attached. I only mention this because someone has tried to purchase a download with a bogus email. (I’ll be putting this on my shop page as well.)

Thank You!!

That’s about all I have for the moment!
Hope you have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!!

“When you sell a man a book,
you don’t sell him 12 ounces of paper and ink and glue –
you sell him a whole new life.”
~ Christopher Morley

take care
stay safe
much love

. . . there is nothing normal going on here . . .

3 Comments on “what is normal?

  1. I have been a little messy this week emotionally. It helps me to write about it, as I did. My emotions are out of whack. I hope you can get back to feeling better. The word normal I don’t know if there is such a thing. I am just Lisa struggling through a difficult time. I wish you the very best! Blessings 💜

    • thank you! I think a lot of people are uneasy right now…I try to write about my thoughts down when I can. Now that I’m on twitter, I try not to get to political. I could always turn twitter off for that particular quote…or put a disclaimer at the top.
      Thanks again! The best to you too 🙂

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