November 17, 2020

Just to let you know, this is a longer read than normal for me. But, for me, it’s important I get this out…

Hope you enjoy!

You all are probably more than aware that I have been taking a kind of pause, a little bit of a break, recently. I needed to. I had been so negative, having such negative thoughts…it wasn’t good for me at all. So I kinda stepped away for a bit, to take care of my emotions. My boyfriend have been fighting too…
I’ve been able to push those negative feelings/thoughts away for the most part. I just hope they stay away. How did I do it? Mentally push those thoughts out the door, I built a wall. Sometimes, I can feel them trying to push back through, but I won’t let them. I’ve also been listening to a lot more music. When I can, I go for a walk.

So anyway, I wanted to tell you about two dreams I had recently. The first isn’t a dream really, but an experience. It was weird, but calming. Not scary in the least… I heard my name called out, nothing else. This was in the early morning hours Sunday. I will explain, or at least try to. The second one I already told you about a while back…The Bush That Doesn’t Burn. With both of these “dreams” I will share what I have learned…

Be the light in the dark, be the calm in the storm and be at peace while at war.

be the light in the dark
be the calm in the storm
and be at peace while at war

My name in the dark…

I was sound asleep. It was Sunday night/morning, around 3am. I saw nothing, felt nothing but blackness. At least that’s what I remember. Out of nowhere, I heard my name called out. “HOLLY!” A male voice, seeming to come from the doorway. I sat up in bed sharply, looked over, but no one was there.
I laid there, trying to collect my thoughts…”what was that?!” I have no clock in my bedroom, so at this point I had no idea what time it was.
I decided to go ahead and get up. It was quarter after 3 when I walked out of the bathroom. The fire had pretty much died, so I stirred the coals and put another log on. I stepped outside for a few minutes, then went back to bed. Maybe something would happen. I slept until six thirty.

I told my boyfriend about it yesterday. I know he thinks I’m crazy, but then he also said something to the effect that maybe I woke him up. Or this experience did anyway. He said it was about 3 when he woke up.

This afternoon, I heard my name again…this time I was awake, no one there, all alone in the house. Male voice, but not the same voice…

Do I sound crazy?

According to ask-angels.com:
– the scientific reason is, simply, auditory memory. “Auditory memory is one of your brain’s processes to take in information that you hear (sound, voice, audio), and store that information until the next time you recall it.” This usually happens when you’re falling asleep or waking up.
– metaphysical: your name is a symbol of your identity, it gets your attention. This may be a spiritual being reaching out to you, to let you know you are not alone, they probably have a message for you
– when this happens, “you” have the ability to shift your awareness within, to go deeper, to find that space between your thoughts and just be, and be
– “when hearing your name, you are essentially tapping into the realm of spirit through clairaudience, through your Throat Chakra, the energy center that allows you to hear in spirit and receive messages of guidance.”
– hearing your name is an entry point
– if you get freaked out, you can call on Archangel Michael to help you

“When these beings reach out to you by calling your name, they’re not only reminding you that they’re with you, but they’re also calling out for your attention, reaching out to you with more guidance.”

So, now that I know, hopefully I won’t bolt up out of bed, and will be able to focus on what I need to – what my heart or guide is telling me.

Fire Dream Meaning | Symbols & Signs | Free Online Dream Dictionary

Fire Dream Meaning

transformation & change
passion & intense feelings
strength & force
release of energy& emotions
spiritual connection

A Bush That Doesn’t Burn…

so, to recap the dream I had about the bush that didn’t burn:
The dream started in my room, with my dog, Gracie. I had just given her a bath, and as I put her down, she ran crazily back and forth across the floor a few times before bolting out the door. I followed her, nonchalantly, into my sons room. He was younger than he is now. He was sitting on his bed going through his Pokemon cards. Suddenly, at the foot of his bed appeared a fire, but it didn’t burn anything. From the rising smoke, there were symbols. The symbols may have been Hebrew, but they could’ve been Arabic. The smoke disappeared through a hole that had opened up in the ceiling, and from that hole came a male voice “I am coming back soon”.

A little perspective: my dog, Gracie, passed away in 2008. So I knew I was dreaming, and I let go – to see what happened. Was this the same voice I heard the other night? I couldn’t tell you for sure…

According to dreamhawk.com: dreaming about about a burning bush is “A love that does not consume the body and is without pain through being lost in emotions of ‘love’ or lose. To move beyond the influence of the changing world. It can be seen as a sign or initiation into what lies beyond the awareness of our senses, a sign of recognition.” It can represent the spiritual awakening in you.

Biblical meaning of fire: “If it is meant to be a positive experience, then the dream will reveal opportunities, spiritual refinement, or the activation of your spiritual gifts.If the message is meant to be negative, then it represents some kind of loss in your life. ” (meditationbrainwaves.com)
– refinement/ready for the next phase/stage in your journey
– good fortune of joy/blessings

I don’t know for sure who said “I am coming back soon”. It may have been my dad, or another relative that has passed on. It could have been my spirit guide talking to me. Could it have been God, telling me He was coming back soon? I really have no idea…but, considering what I experienced the other night I think it is more likely my spirit guide letting me know he was coming back. Maybe someone can let me know… I probably need to figure this out on my own.

  • “Hearing the voice of God in a dream is a favorable sign. You have been blessed for noble accomplishments, for spiritual growth. You will soon feel a surge of strength that will force you to do godly deeds, to follow a higher, spiritual, creative purpose.” (checkmydream.com)

According to checkmydream.com, a female hearing a male voice is a good thing. This is her masculine part talking to her.

some other thoughts:

  • hearing your father’s voice in a dream is a reflection of current state of affairs.
  • “If you hear sorrow and hopelessness, things will not go as you intended in reality. On the contrary, a joyful and life-affirming exclamation is the foreshadowing of successfully evolving circumstances.” checkmydream.com
  • hearing your mother’s voice is a negative symbol (although I have to disagree, I think): you are not coping with your duties
  • hearing your son’s voice is a sign that your child is in danger
  • hearing your husbands voice in your dream means that he was talking in his sleep and it came through into your dream (LOL); it could also mean you are on the verge of cheating
  • hearing the voice of your beloved: “your mind is fully occupied with thoughts of your partner and most likely, the feelings are completely mutual.”

Well, I think that’s about all I have for now.

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

115 Good Night Quotes to Send for Sweet Dreams

“Good night sleep tight
may your dreams take you
on a wonderful flight.”
~ Kate Summers

take care
stay safe
much love

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