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December 22, 2020

Maryland Folklore: weather beliefs

All of this info comes from the book Maryland Folklore and Folklife by George G. Carey. I’m sure some you have heard of before, some may be brand new!

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Weather Folklore: Fact or Fiction | GRIT
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  • It will be a long winter if the bands on caterpillars are narrow, leaves are slow to fall, squirrels grow unusually bushy tails, skin of the belly of a catfish is unusually thick, the breastbone of a chicken is long and black
  • The weather the last Friday of the month determines the weather for the following month
  • rain before seven, clear by eleven
  • Evening red, and morning gray
    Sends the traveler on his way
    Evening gray and morning red
    Sends down rain upon his head
DC sunset
  • A rooster that crows when he goes to bed
    Will get up next morning with a wet head
  • A sunshiny shower
    Won’t last an hour
  • Red sky at night, sailors delight
    Red sky in morning, sailors take warning
  • When crows flock together
    it’s a sign of bad weather
a flock of crows
  • If a cat passes a paw over its ear, it’s a sign of bad weather
  • A high hornet’s nest is a sign of deep snow coming

never poke a hornet’s nest

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  • when you see raindrops hanging from the clothesline, you know it will rain again tomorrow
  • onion skin thick and tough
    coming weather will be rough
    Onion skin very thin
    mild weather coming in
  • when the horns of the moon point down, it will rain
  • it will snow if. . .
    turkeys sit in trees and refuse to come down
    cats sit with their back to the fire
    dry leaves rattle in the trees
    burning wood drops in the fire
    air becomes still and silent
When we see half moon, why is it always the lower half? - Astronomy Stack  Exchange
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  • if the smoke of the chimney floats towards the ground, this is a sign of rain
  • the number of stars in the circle around the moon tell the number of days before a storm will come
  • If the fog lifts
    the rain will fall
    If the fog descends
    no rain at all


Infallible Weather Indicator.
Hang outside in exposed place


To read weather signs:
If tail is dry – Fair
If tail is wet – Rain
If tail is swinging – Windy
If tail is frozen – Cold
If wet and swinging – Stormy

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Weather Proverbs and Prognostics: Rain and Clouds | Hitchhikers guide to  the galaxy, Guide to the galaxy, Weather
“What is the world’s delight?
Lightning that marks the night,
Brief even as bright.”

~ Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)
from: “Mutability”


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