bear damage

January 20, 2021

I thought I had shared with you, late last spring sometime, that we had a bear visitor come through. I found bear scat and one of my bird feeders was missing. I can’t find the post…so maybe I didn’t? This happened last May (2020).

bear scat

I looked everywhere for the bird feeder, but couldn’t find it. I just figured that the bear dragged it off somewhere, and with everything green and in full bloom, I new it would be nearly impossible to find. Unless I walked right up on it! Even if it was bright yellow! . . . maybe in the fall or winter I would find it. Not like it was absolutely necessary to find it, just to see what kind of damage was done…

at the base of a tree

While I was walking around my property yesterday, I found it! It was on the lower end of the property, near the base of a tree…

puncture marks

Not sure if those are teeth or claw marks… but my guess would be claw.

Not sure what I’ll do with it, as I doubt it will hold bird seed. Any ideas?

The bear that came through was more than likely a young one, probably just been kicked out of the den. They usually leave their mothers around a year old or so. I’ve only seen bear on my property one other time, about 5 years ago or so. It was at night, and about the same time of the year.

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baby bear

We do have black bears around here, obviously, but they usually stay on the mountain (Gambril State Park/Watershed area or further west) or out towards Jefferson farm country/Mountville area. More farmland out that way, not as populated. I’m far enough away from the city that they come through every once in a while, but don’t stick around because there’s really no water source. Nothing close enough that would keep them in the immediate area.

black bear

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  1. Glad you found out what happened to the bird feeder. And wow! You have a bear come through occasionally! 🙂

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