snow day = lazy day

January 26, 2021

my thoughts for today

All of the photos you see today were taken with my cell phone. The most work I did on any of them was resizing them in photo shop, I was just too lazy to take the photos off my CANON.

I guess you would call the weather we got over night a wintry mix…ice, sleet, freezing rain, and snow. I’m just grateful we didn’t get anything like what we got back in 2014…the elm tree (photo below, tree on the right of the lane) had so much ice on it, it was bent over and frozen to the driveway. Of coarse, I can’t find the photo…it’s on my external hard drive.

I know it’s kinda hard to see, but that is a frozen spider web. I got a better photo with my CANON, which I haven’t downloaded onto my computer yet.

not sure, either how this (frozen?) raindrop captured the reflection of the fence post, it’s to the right. You would think it was a reflection of me and the camera, but it’s not.

After the work we did over the last couple of days, we deserve a snow day. My boyfriend did most of the work…I did enough to be a little sore, especially yesterday. On Sunday, I dropped one of the biggest logs that we split on my foot. Thank goodness I was wearing my work boots.

We only brought one load up, the rest is still piled up in the yard, with a tarp over it.

that face you make

We’re supposed to get another storm on Thursday and then another one on Monday. Right now, they’re calling for snow showers on Thursday. I’m supposed to go to the doctor’s Thursday, to check my blood pressure, but I might have to reschedule. We will see.
Yeah, my blood pressure was high when I went to – finally – get the skin tag off almost two weeks ago. Taking it at home, most of the time it’s around normal. I have what they call White Coat Syndrome – blood pressure is high at doctor’s, normal other times. It wasn’t dangerously high…. 140/90 or something like that. Last night it was 128/88. I’ve been drinking lots more water, walking, and lifting 5 lb weights. My heart rate’s been a little elevated as well, which is why you may not see as much from me. If I need to take time for me, that’s what I will be doing.
As it is right now, everything is getting back to normal…

engage your slow brain

Gaze Around
Intensify Focus
Notice Deeply

this was a sticker on the splitter that we rented for the weekend.. I really like it, hence the photo of it.

Hope you have a great day, night or evening
where ever you may be!
Thanks for stopping by!!

Winter: Snow Days

Today is the perfect day to slow down and enjoy the scenery


take care
stay safe
much love

2 Comments on “snow day = lazy day

  1. With blood pressure like yours my mom would be freaking out already. She has in the 130s/140s over 90ish usually. We have a home cuff.

    • I just gut a new cuff. Usually I don’t worry about numbers like that, I know my body pretty well. When numbers go “off the charts” I’m usually in pain. This is a new doctor and wanted to make sure.

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