we were all humans until . . .

March 27, 2021

picture of the week

morning has broken
taken March 24, 2021
LG Cell Phone camera

“When you look at life
through eyes of gratitude
the world becomes
a magical place.”

~ Jennifer Gayle

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we were all humans until
race disconnected us
religion separated us
politics divided us
and wealth classified us

~ unknown ~
This is funny #autism ...

sometimes I question my sanity, but the unicorn and gummy bears told me I’m fine!


Minions are adorable on We Heart It

some people call me crazy. I prefer the term happy with a twist.


“As a child I never imagined that all of the real monsters
in the world would be humans.”

~ Mobeen Hakeem

“Today me will live in the moment unless it’s unpleasant in which case me will eat cookie.”

~ Cookie Monster


take care
stay safe
much love


If you need violence to enforce your ideas
your ideas are worthless

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