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April 3, 2021

You are now entering a stress free zone

at least I hope so!

I’m doing things a little differently today…with the complications of moving photos around, things are a little topsy turvy. Not only am I in the process of moving photos from one computer to another, but I’m also transferring photos from my cell phone. The storage available on my phone is extremely low….so, today I will be showing you a memory.

picture of the week

taken April 4, 2015
with my SGH-T999L (Samsung cell phone)

Find me where the wild things are

I should be outside doing something, but it’s too cold! Currently 46F (7.77C). It’s supposed to get into the 50’s or 60’s (10-20C) later, so maybe I will get outside for a bit. I’ve been trying to get outside and do things more and more… it’s just good for the soul. Plus, I’ve got high cholesterol, so my diet and exercise is changing. I got my lab results back the other day… everything else is fine/normal. I wasn’t too surprised, as I normally go into a state of “dormancy” in the winter and I hadn’t been paying too much attention to my diet. It’s not like I gorge myself or anything, everything in moderation, but I kinda let my eating habits slide. Not anymore… I really don’t want to go on any meds if I can help it, so I will be doing things differently – like I used to. That’s something I will get into in the near future, as a post. As the weather warms and I get more active and I pay more attention to my eating habits, the cholesterol numbers should drop. I have to do a follow up in three months.

It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the sink has ice in it, so does the seashell. I’m using the sink as a birdbath – hopefully. I originally had it out underneath the elm tree, but it was too hard to keep clean. So I moved it here, I just hope the birds find it…I think they will. It’s beside the hummingbird feeder…
I’m trying to figure out what the tree is that has the white flowers… the flowers in my hand blew off in the wind. It’s not a dogwood, crabapple or any other similar fruit bearing tree. It’s about 30 feet tall, give or take, and the bark is rough – more like a locust or walnut. It’s the only tree on my property that I don’t know what it is, for the most part. I will share more photos when I can.
We should pretty much be done with firewood and the tarps should be down… But not this year. The pool is still closed, we’ve been burning wood around the clock for since Wednesday! The last couple of days have been bitter cold, with high’s only in the 20’sF (-6.6C)… and as you can tell the tarps are still up.

hope you have a great day!
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She lives there still

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