small steps, every day

April 6, 2021

picture of the day

take it easy
taken January 11, 2021
f-stop: f/2.4; exposure time: 1/120 sec; ISO 50
focal length 3mm
LG – M257 cell phone camera
edited in PhotoShop
available at Picfair

Life is good
one day at a time

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Things we didn’t do:
start the fire
(Billy Joel)
shoot the deputy
(Eric Clapton)
Things we did:
– Tried to fight it
– Shot the sheriff
Built this city on rock and roll

Things we will do:
Rock you
Things we won’t do:
Get fooled again
(The Who)
Back down
(Tom Petty)

Some of the song phrases (above and below) are linked to different songs on youtube

Social distancing violation:
call the police

“Don’t stand, don’t stand so,
don’t stand so close to me


They’re not going to make yardsticks any longer


take care
stay safe
much love


The razor blade is sharp but
can’t cut a tree; the axe is
strong but can’t the hair.
Everyone is important
according to his/her own
unique purpose…
Never look down on anyone
unless you are admiring their shoes…

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