another snake in the house!

April 8, 2021

But, first I suggest you read Reading: Dr. Seuss (4) first if you haven’t already! I was just finishing up the post when my son came running upstairs. I heard him and thought “Oh no!” Then asked him what was wrong when he entered the room, with his hand on his chest! “There’s a snake in the house!” Of course, I had to ask if he was kidding me, knowing full well he wasn’t. Then, I told him to go get my boyfriend . . .

My boyfriend caught him and released him back outside, but it didn’t take long for him to find his way back to the house.

I followed him. . . want to guess where he is now?

Yeah, he went back up under the siding. . . I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to deter him from going back up under the siding in the future. Not sure if you remember, or if I even posted it (I think I did, I’ll see if I can find it and link it), but last fall we watched one go up under the siding in the exact same place. It’s probably the same one, been hibernating – somewhere – all winter and just now decided to venture out. Into the house. I just hope it doesn’t find its way back into the house! For my son’s sake, if for nothing else. I don’t know which he’s more scared of, snakes or spiders.

This is the fourth snake we have had in the house since 2012 (?). . .

So, on a positive note… I was going to share some photos I took yesterday while working on the gardens, but I guess that will have to wait. Here is one photo I took . . .

I kinda like how the shadow of the spider is in focus while the spider is not…

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Life is a game with snakes on every level


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      • Hmmm…I did say something to my boyfriend that maybe it had eaten the mouse we did have, or mice…I know of one or two. The thing was/is food was disappearing but there was no other evidence (poop). In fact, I couldn’t find any snake skin or poop.

    • Than you! Black snakes aren’t poisonous, the most that could happen is its bite gets infected, if it does happen to bite.
      We will be keeping our eyes open for the next few days at least.

  2. Well, he’s a pretty snake. I, myself would be scared to find a snake in the house. Good to know this kind isn’t poisonous. I do like the spiders! 🙂

    • Thank you! Black snakes are beneficial to have around…they eat mice and other critters, they also will kill rattlesnakes and copperheads from what I understand.
      He is pretty, and for having (supposedly) been hibernating all winter looks pretty healthy. I do have a feeling he’s been in the house for a while and eating well. Who really knows…

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