when a cardinal appears, angels are near

April 21, 2021

picture of the day

red cardinal and snow
taken February 2, 2021
f-stop: f/5.6; exposure time: 1/100sec; ISO 400
focal length 300mm
CANON EOS Rebel xt
edited in PhotoShop
available at Picfair

“When you believe
beyond what your eyes can see
Signs from Heaven show up
to remind you
Love never dies”

~ Spiritual Medium Julie Clapp ~

There’s a bit much going on today, but nothing I/we can’t handle – as long as I remember to breath…first off, we are under a freeze warning tonight, so all the houseplants I have brought outside need to be brought up on the deck and covered. I’ve already gotten a few, just need to finish. We also need to bring more wood in. We’ve got some in the house, but not much – probably not enough to get through the next couple of days. We’re supposed to get some thunderstorms, so everything outside needs to be done before. I’ve got somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 indoor plants. I know, that’s a lot…but I’ve got a green thumb, and I can’t just let the plants die if I can help it. I’ve sold a few, and hopefully can sell some more this summer.

Just a few images of some of the houseplants I have…both inside and outside
I have houseplants scattered all throughout the house – except the bathrooms and the woodstove room

Remember the sighting I told you about yesterday…I thought was possibly a dog or bear cub with mange or something? Turns out, it was a fox – with really bad mange.

I know…how could I confuse a bear and a fox…? But I couldn’t see the fox that well, and I’d never seen a fox with such bad mange. The first image is the original…in real life, I couldn’t see its tail. It’s probably old, this kind of thing – as I understand – can happen to older animals. It’s probably the same fox we’ve had living on the property for years. I have no idea how old it is, but if I had to guess…maybe 13 years old or so. I’ll have to research it and share what I find…another day. After I snapped the picture, he – or she – disappeared.

Fox teaches us
that sometimes to see the truth
we must disappear into the background
and become invisible

~ unknown ~

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Keep your chin up and smile
It’s going to be a wonderful day.


One, two, three, four
Mary at the cottage door
Five, six, seven, eight
Eating cherries off a plate.


Life isn’t as serious as the mind makes it out to be.

~ Eckhart Tolle


take care
stay safe
much love

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