Month: April 2021

you are enough, just as you are

April 23, 2021 picture of the day “And stay forever my dearas my quiet songin my lilac dawn”~ Sanober Khan to see images I have available, click on any link below… pixels (page 7)picfair (floral)shutterstock (floral)pinterest (Holly’s Photos)shop: Holly’s World hope you have a… Continue Reading “you are enough, just as you are”

somewhere between here and there…is Holly’s World

April 22, 2021 your own kind of beautiful a close up of a Queen Anne’s lace flowerwith the words “be your own kind of beautiful” It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with my shop…have been contemplating deleting it. But, before I do… Continue Reading “somewhere between here and there…is Holly’s World”

sometimes everything’s better upside down

April 22, 2021 Throwback Thursday Mom is just wow turned upside down I can’t believe he’s been gone for almost a year now…I know the picture’s a little fuzzy, but I wanted to share it with you anyway! He was a crazy cat, but… Continue Reading “sometimes everything’s better upside down”

when a cardinal appears, angels are near

April 21, 2021 picture of the day “When you believebeyond what your eyes can seeSigns from Heaven show up to remind youLove never dies”~ Spiritual Medium Julie Clapp ~ There’s a bit much going on today, but nothing I/we can’t handle – as long… Continue Reading “when a cardinal appears, angels are near”

shadow and light

April 20, 2021 picture of the day “The real things haven’t changed.It is still best to be honest and truthfulto make the most of what we haveto be happy with simple pleasuresand have courage when things go wrong”~ Laura Ingalls Wilder I finally got… Continue Reading “shadow and light”

living life, loving life – truly and fully

April 19, 2021 picture of the day “May joy and peacefulness be more than dreams to youmay they guide your heart and spirit in everything you do”~ unknown ~ The journey between who you once wereand who you are becomingis where the dance of… Continue Reading “living life, loving life – truly and fully”

easy like Sunday Morning . . .

April 18, 2021 Sunday’s Inspiration You know it’s love . . . love is… meant to be an adventure (Gordon B. Hinckley) being loved back real love is rare not what you say,but what you do Without respect,love is lost.Without caring,love is boring.Without honesty,love… Continue Reading “easy like Sunday Morning . . .”