no time for negativity

May 3, 2021

American Gold Finch 2
taken May 1, 2021
f-stop: f/5.6; exposure time: 1/125sec; ISO 400
focal length 300mm
CANON EOS Rebel xt
edited in PhotoShop

The images will be available for sale soon, just haven’t had the chance to upload them yet. Yesterday, was a lazy day – but a beautiful day. I kinda took the day to be lazy, ride the wave. Which I am so very grateful for. I managed to get the rest of my house plants outside. I’ve still got a few – seven – inside, but they’re way too big to go outside. Or I just don’t want to mess with them.

Two of my Snake Plants…you can kind of guess just how huge and heavy they are. The one on the left is in my bedroom, the other one is in the guest room. That one has some filling in to do… there’s another Snake Plant in my son’s bedroom. They say these plants are great oxygen producers and air filter.

Christmas Cactus
available at Picfair

I have two Christmas Cacti that I don’t dare put outside. You can, but they’re like Poinsettias needing a little more attention, and only at certain times. They need some TLC, but I’m scared I might kill them…So, I just leave them in, the same with another plant. It’s in a galvanized steel bucket, just don’t feel like dealing with it outside.

I have no idea what this plant is – my mom originally had it, then I took over when she no longer could. This is also the original, babies and such have been transplanted – some of them sold. The scientific name of it starts with a “P” and it produces a white flower. It’s not a Peace Lily, although it almost looks like it could be. I call it the Pie Safe flower, as it was on top of the Pie Safe for the longest time.

Anyway, it was a peaceful, easy day until we sat down to eat dinner and watch a movie. The power went out! At first it just blinked or flickered a couple of times. Then it went out and stayed out! Which is unusual for us, since we’re on the main line going to Braddock Heights, and the power company does a pretty good job of maintaining the line. We’ve only lost power for an extended time, a couple of times. One time was when my neighbors were digging/working on their farm lane and cut the wire, a couple years ago. The other time was in 1996 or 7 – we lost power for over seven hours during a snow storm. I wasn’t living at home then, only my parents.

I ended up lighting a hurricane lamp to light up the living room, and a tea light candle in the bathroom. My boyfriend went to bed – it frustrated him to no end that dinner was ruined. I put my dinner away, called the power company to let them know we had lost power, walked down the lane with my son to unlock the gate just in case they needed to come back here, and dug out some flashlights. Oh, and I grabbed a couple gallons of water so we could flush the toilets if needed. I keep a few gallons around for such occasions. During blizzards I will fill the tub up with water, but I didn’t have that luxury last night. It really doesn’t matter if the water’s gone stale, if you’re using it to wash hands or flush the toilets. Drinking water is another story – I have a thermos I will fill for drinking when I know there’s a possibility the power might go out. Otherwise, whatever’s in the fridge, in the pantry can be drank as needed. I used to keep bottled water, but even that needs to be drank after a while or given to the plants. I can’t see wasting money on bottled water, not like that. So I just fill jugs. Nothing wasted…

Anyway, my son and I watched an episode of Law and Order then I went to bed. Somewhere around 330-400am, my son woke me up to let me know the power had gone out again. No sooner had I walked out of my bedroom, the power came back on. I wasn’t too happy, but I thanked him for letting me know. I stayed up for a few minutes and reset the clocks – and went back to bed.

So, that was my day yesterday – and today it’s raining. A good day to stay inside and maybe take a nap. After I get caught up on things.

“Being negative
only makes the journey more difficult.
You may be given a cactus,
but you don’t have to sit on it.”

~ Joyce Meyer

Hope you have a great day!
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extreme understanding
physically attractive
strong willed
mentally strong
zealous and energetic
assertive and confident
hardworking and highly motivated


For those born in May
Happy Birthday!

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Disney Classic Movie Quotes 2 | Disney's World of Wonders

“It was worth it…
if you learned something from it.”

~ The Sword in the Stone


take care
stay safe
much love

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      • The old timey iron is awesome too. Haven’t seen one of them in ages. My grandma has several. She used them for door stops.

      • 🙂 My house is filled almost to the brim with antiques/family heirlooms. I have a few of those old timey irons. Some are purely decoration, have been painted on, others can be used if need be. Mostly doorstops around here as well.

      • yeah! LOL
        we used to use it for camping. The CD player doesn’t work anymore, I don’t think – but the radio does.

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