May 13, 2021

Hopefully, I get this finished before dinner…if not, at least you got to see some photos of what I did today! All of the photos were taken with my cell phone, May 13, 2021.

Another day, I’ll show you the transformation of this garden. It’s my pride and joy!! I started it way back in 2014 (?) from basically nothing. Eventually all the grass is gonna be gone. Whatever grows will be okay with me…as long as there are no vines, trees, or grass. You can see where I put the Lilies I got for Mother’s Day – the bright orange/yellow flowers. There are three of them at the moment. I’ve also got windflowers, Bearded Iris’, Black Eyed Susans, Dandelions, Virginia Bluebells, Crepe Myrtle’s – which need to be transplanted, succulents, fillers, fern, Bee Balm, and other plants that most would call weeds.

My new bird feeding station…

I know the photos aren’t the best…but I’m not really interested in quality at the moment. That day will come… they were taken with my cell phone, so I’m just happy that the birds are distinguishable. Yes, I’m using an old plastic plate to keep bird feed in at the moment. They don’t mind! I have to drill some holes through the plate, so the water can drain out. And I’m thinking about attaching the plate to the log with a screw tomorrow…we’ll see what happens. I’m also thinking about digging the grass out and either leaving it and seeing what grows or taking seeds from another plant (Yucca maybe?). I have options…my boyfriend mentioned that since I’ve put that “station” there, he’s seen more birds while sitting on the deck. They’ve always been there…just more noticeable now. So anyway, I’ve got a hummingbird feeder, bird bath, finch feeder and a platform feeder there now. There wasn’t any water in the birdbath when I took the photo…I filled it up after I was done gardening!

I somehow missed taking a photo of the purple flowers I got…oh well, maybe tomorrow morning I can share. Anyway, here are the yellow tubular flowers my son got me! I know it looks kinda weedy, but I assure you there are Begonias in there…you just can’t see them in the photo.

I dug out this part of the garden a couple years ago – it was full of begonias – with the intention of putting other flowers there. What started growing? Milkweed, and wild lettuce. I think it’s wild lettuce, anyway. And grass. The only way I’m going to get the grass out is if I bust up the sidewalk…the original homeowners planted wiregrass, and it grows under the sidewalk! Nearly impossible to get rid of. Anyway, the Begonias are now along the driveway – or most of them – in between the Azaleas. I’m using them as fillers and they seem to be happy!

I also planted 120 windflower bulbs and a box of wildflower seeds I got from the dollar store. We’ll see what happens! Right now, it just looks like plain old dirt, so once they start to bloom – if they bloom – I will show you some photos!

It felt so good to finally be out in my gardens again! Even though I feel stiff, the dirt and the sunshine felt awesome!
I plan on transplanting some Holly’s tomorrow – among other things!

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!


(v) to do something
with soul, creativity, or love;
to put something of yourself into your work

take care
stay safe
much love

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      • LOL the aches and pains come from digging, kneeling, and all the other movements I’m not used to doing. At least not recently.

      • I used to go out with my dad, doing all kinds of stuff around the property, but my boyfriend tried to stop me for the last two years…saying it was a man’s job. He’s finally starting to understand that this is part of who I am.
        In a few weeks, I’ll be back to my old self…hopefully.

  1. I appreciate your work. Pics are really marvellous ones.

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