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May 15, 2021

picture of the week

friendly neighborhood spider
AK Wolf Spider

“Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is”
~ German Proverb ~

Yeah I saved him – or her – from the bird bath. It may or may not have been stuck, chances are it could’ve gotten out on its own. But, I just couldn’t leave him there…he didn’t seem to mind being saved.

Looks can be deceiving – it looks huge, but in reality, it’s no bigger than the palm of my hand. Which is actually pretty big. Anyway…mostly harmless. Just like the garter snake, or black snake.

“Wolf spiders are not poisonous. But they are venomous. There is a difference. However, that does not necessarily mean they are of much danger to humans. Wolf spiders produce a venom designed to paralyze their prey (normally a small crawling insect), but, in the case of the wolf spider, this venom is not especially toxic to human beings. Generally speaking, a wolf spider bite is no more dangerous or painful than a bee sting. Typical reactions to a wolf spider bite include initial pain and redness, but both symptoms gradually subside in most people. In fact, medical histories hold no records of serious consequences resulting from a wolf spider bite. On rare occasions, however, people have been known to have an allergic reaction.” (Are Wolf Spiders Poisonous? | Terminix)

“You create your own universe as you go along.”
~ W.S.Churchill

I’ve had them crawl over my hand when digging in the garden, and in the last photo I was pretty close to it as I took the photo with my macro lenses – about three to four inches from it. It probably helps that it was wet and I had just saved it from the pool of water.

Spider Superstitions

seeing a spider is usually a lucky sign
most often associated with money and protection
If you wish to thrive
let the spider go alive
money will be lost if the spider dies

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    • I do the best I can. I’ve even been known to go around a spot, when mowing, to avoid running over frogs, praying mantis’ and snakes- if I see them.
      Glad to know there’s a few of us out there!
      Thanks for commenting! ❤🐜😊

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