Don’t let society tell you how to live your life…it’s your life to live

May 18, 2021

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I think many of you already know this, but I thought I’d share anyway. This is my profile photo and frame on Facebook at the moment. I tried to get rid of the corners, but I couldn’t figure it out on my phone. So, for the moment, you’ll have to pretend it’s not there. When I get on my computer later, I will change the style of the photo.


“You are free, You are powerful, You are good, You are love, You have value, You have purpose. All is well.” – Abraham-Hicks

Always remember this…we are here, at this moment, facing what we’re facing, because it’s our purpose. As hard as it may seem, there is purpose in what we’re going through.

Before my mom passed away, I’m not exactly sure when but I’ll say about a year or so, she asked me how I was able to withstand everything. I was, at the time, a single parent, helping my parents get through some of the toughest times. I was still seeing my cancer doctor, going to school and working part time. (I graduated from college with an AA in art in 2006, lost my job at The Ground Round in 2004. My mom passed away in 2007.)

My response to my moms question? “I had to sow some wild oats to get where I am”/was at the time. There was a reason why I went through what I went through, and I had to go through it to get where I am…maybe not word for word, but close enough.

This still holds true today. Only in looking back, can I realize that there was a plan…in everything. Everything I went through yesterday, made me who I am today.

They were some hard times, but I got through it. There are some hard days right now, and there will be hard days ahead. What with everything going on in the world today…but we can’t let the world’s troubles get to us. We have to carry on, do what is right, for right here right now. There is still purpose…

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Remind Yourself Every Day:

“I am in charge of my happiness. I will not let anything outside of myself control me. I am creating a life that feels good on the inside and it will turn into experiences that are good on the outside.”

take care

stay safe

much love

2 Comments on “Don’t let society tell you how to live your life…it’s your life to live

  1. People don’t and most wont stand back from their TV sets and favorite political parties long enough to think for themselves. They take what sounds right to them and go their way.

    • You’re right. Most days, the tv is turned off and we’re listening to music. That doesn’t mean that I don’t pay attention…I just use multiple resources.

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