Sweet Hour

May 19, 2021

picture of the day

Holly flowers – taken with my LG cell phone

Calm is your superpower – unknown

My boyfriend sent me these photos of a young buck he saw this morning…

I know they’re not the best photos…just shows how close to the house they come. My boyfriend was standing on the deck, the deer/buck is probably 50 feet from the deck…give or take.

He told me the buck stood there and watched him as he got in the truck and drove away. Obviously, the buck didn’t think he was a threat.

I was still asleep…


Never let the fire die inside of you. Never let your spirit be crushed. You are beautiful and strong. Remember that.

hope you have a great day!

thanks for stopping by!!


Never underestimate the healing power of a quiet moment in the garden. (Nature Hills Nursery)

take care

stay safe

much love

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  1. Deer are fearless this time of year. Come October, they will be jumping at the sound of a needle falling 3 counties over.

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