raindrops keep falling on my head

May 24, 2021

rainy day

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down
~ The Carpenters ~

It’s been a rainy day, all day today. But, I’m not complaining! We so desperately need the rain…the last time it rained, here, was about two weeks ago. Everything was getting dry and the grass was starting to die and my well was starting to be effected. We haven’t run out of water, but the water table’s so low that the pump has to work harder, churning up more water as it pumps . . . the water coming from the hose was brown. It’s cleared up, mainly bc I’m seriously watching our water usage. Inside the house wasn’t too bad, but started to get murky yesterday.
We could use more rain than we’re getting today, but I’m thankful we’re getting it. On Saturday, I planted two tomato plants and a squash plant. My pool is also now full enough that I don’t need to add any more water. Just need to vacuum and treat it. Still watering my holly trees twice a day through Tuesday, then I can start once a week for two weeks!
It’s also not as hot…only 72 degrees (22.2C) at the moment. It had been getting up into the 90’s over the weekend – and humid! The lack of rain, the heat and the humidity were making things miserable. The pool water’s still way too cold to get in it, and really enjoy it. Even if it needs a little TLC. But today is a new day and things are better!

“The smell of rain can help reduce stress and raise the mood up to 60%”
~ unknown ~

ever heard this one?

When God takes bath in the paradise, we all are bestowed with the blessed water descending as Rain.

  • the biggest raindrops ever recorded were in Brazil and the Marshall Islands in 2004, measuring in at 10mm (0.3937008 inches)
  • In Hondoras “The Rain of Fish” is a yearly celebration fish festival, feted consistently in the city of Yoro, as hundreds of living fish are found on the ground after it rains there in between the months of May & July
  • the maximum average speed of a falling raindrop is 18 to 22 mph
  • yellow, red, green, and black rain has been recorded. In the Kottayam region in Kerala, red raindrops were recorded more than anywhere else, and recolored garments to the shade of blood
  • phantom rain: this is a type of rainfall that doesn’t reach the earth, happening mostly in the desert. The droplets fade away before reaching the ground
    (17 Interesting Facts about Rain | OhFact!)

“I’ve learned, in whatever circumstance I am, to be content.”

Philippians 4:11


“The nice thing about rain, is that it stops. Eventually.”
~ Eeyore

“Rain is not only drops of water
It’s the love of the sky for the earth
They never meet each other
but sends love this way”

~ unknown ~

I love the sound of heavy rain and thunder at night
peaceful and calming

putting me to sleep

/pe trikor/

a pleasant smell that accompanies fresh rain falling on dry soil


hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!


Upon the pain
the silver rain
Is making music gay
And in a heap
The cat will sleep
Beneath the stove all day.

~ Anonymous


“Muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.”
~ Alan Watts

take care
stay safe
much love

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