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May 27, 2021

Gonna start a new series…we’ll see how this goes. Every week I’ll do a post on something I’m thankful for, even if it’s something minor. This week, well, I’m thankful for two things…no major damage during the thunderstorms we got and my neighbor is finally taking out some of the fencing that separates our properties.

Thankful Thursday

First off, I’m thankful that no major damage was done during the thunderstorms yesterday. We had two come through…the first one I think we were just on the outskirts of. This happened after a had finished cleaning the pool. I had only been out of the pool about 15 minutes when the alert came through my phone.

top of a maple tree down

After dinner, around 7pm or so, another storm came through. This one was much worse than the first one. I’ve uploaded a video to youtube, and posted it to my video link on my page. The video doesn’t really do any justice, but it is what it is. Eventually, I will add music to the video…but for now I will leave it as is.
This tree is a considerable distance from the house, near the “top” of the property. Anyway, it could’ve been much worse than it was…and I’m thankful it wasn’t.

Another thing to be thankful for…

fence line coming down

My neighbor is FINALLY taking down the fence line between us. It was horrible! It looked worse on our side, and made us look like bad property owners. There was nothing I could do except try and keep the fence line trimmed…the fence posts and boards were starting to rot and just looked bad. This section that has been torn out had poison oak growing and I couldn’t touch it! There was a time when my dad and I kept that section of the fence pretty well trimmed, but with my being allergic to poison oak, and my boyfriend not keeping up with it…it kind of got out of hand. Especially that section.

It was all falling down…on our side. You can’t really tell from the photos exactly how bad it was. Who knows what he’ll do to replace the fence, but I’m just glad something is finally being done.

The photos below show the progression of the deterioration of the fence.

The first three photos were before things started getting so bad…actually doesn’t look that bad. The first photo was when the fence first started coming down, taken during the blizzard of 2014. I decided to walk down to the mailbox after being stuck in the house for five days! I was actually resting on top of the fence, sitting on snow, when I snapped the photo. The last two photos are of the fence near the top of the property…which really isn’t so bad. I might have some more recent photos, but maybe not. I’m still working on transferring photos off my phone!

Oh, and just so you know…the photos I took throughout the years wasn’t to show how bad a neighbor he is or anything like that. For me, the scenery captured my eye and I took a photo.

So, today, I am thankful! Thankful no trees came down near the house and thankful my neighbor is taking down the fence!

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Love the squirrel quote! I am thankful for my job, and for my (and my husband’s) health. And that we can take vacations!

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