I may look grumpy, but I’m happy to be alive

June 4, 2021

dreams and other things

Mr. Boombastic

I found this toad the other day while watering my holly trees. He was a big ‘un, even though you can’t really tell from the photo. I didn’t want to pick him up, which tells you a lot, if you know me! I will pick up just about anything, lol!

Well, almost anything!
I took lots of photos, because I knew there was a chance I may not see him again! And I was right, I haven’t seen him since.

“The toad beneath the harrow knows
Exactly where each tooth point goes
The butterfly upon the road
Preaches contentment to that toad.”

~ Rudyard Kipling

Toad to the left
Frog to the right
Here I am
Stuck in a dream
With you

~ HCMorris ~

I figured this is as good a time as any to tell you about a dream I had a couple months ago.


In my dream I was walking up my driveway at night and there was snow on the ground. It was dark out, except for the outside kitchen light being on, but I was happy. As I got closer to the house, I saw a frog come hoping from the darkness, from the woods, towards me. I scooped it up, put it up my coat sleeve and went inside.
That’s when I woke up.

So what does this mean? I mean, a frog in snow? What the….
At first, thinking about it in my own head, I thought it was a good sign, but I wasn’t sure so I let it rest, waiting to see if something else came of it. I waited for a while before looking it up, but when I did, I was confused. My dream book said that dreaming about frogs meant I was confused about my sexuality, which didn’t make any sense. In a quick online search one day, I found that dreaming about frogs meant disappointment, especially in love life, or that I was going to get sick. Not majorly sick, just a cold or something. So, I let it drop for a while… see what happens.

Dumperino - Imgur

Here comes that fellow
“My goodness, how do you feel?”

So, today, I decided to delve into it once again. This is what I found…

  • women dream about frogs more than men, men tend to dream about toads
  • associated with mostly possitive occurances
  • why you were dreaming about frogs:
    • major transformation in your life (things could be changing, but aren’t they always)
    • your happy and joyful heart (love, love, love this!)
    • unpredictible and sponateous happenings in your life (possible)
    • surrounded by good friends (possible)
    • you are wasting time/money on useless hobbies (maybe? I don’t think I’m wasting time doing what I love, especially during this time of covid)
    • need to let people see your inner beauty (possible)
    • you live near a pond full of frogs (it is very possible the frog just found its way into my dream; I do live near a pond and we have Grey’s Tree Frogs that make themselves very known; but it was winter when I had the dream and winter in my dream)
  • when you dream about hearing a frog sing, this could mean new friendships, great profits/harvest. a fulfilling relationship; could also be experiencing spiritual gains/finally feel happy with your life
  • when stepping on a frog in your dream, this could mean you want to capitalize on the power you have over weaker people, abusing power,
  • a dream where you are eating frogs means that you will have a peaceful/satisfying life
  • a dream that you became a happy, jumping frog could mean that you are happy with your life, and it shows
  • seeing a jumping frog could mean that your finances are under threat
  • (15 Dreams About Frogs – Meaning & Interpretation (alodreams.com))

still no mention of snow… but, I think I’m generally in a good place. There’s much more, like seeing a frog on a stone, a frog in green grass or the frog turned into a prince, but I won’t get into all that right now!

The Original Art of Charles van Sandwyk

Quality knows no time

  • dreaming about catching a frog means that you could get sick, not majorly sick – just a cold or something.
  • dreaming about holding a frog could mean that you are experiencing negative emotions, there is a feeling of disgust, there is a feeling of hatred towrds something/someone and you need to get it out of you
  • dreaming of a frog in your house is a positive thing – you will finally step into a more productive period in your life, you will be happy, fulfilled and content
  • Dreams about Frogs – Interpretation and Meaning (dreamingandsleeping.com)

Getting sick: I just went through a few days where I thought for sure I was getting strep throat. I managed to keep it at bay with a boatload of medicine – allergy spray and medicine, tylonol, gargaling with salt water, and spraying my throat with Chloroseptic. And resting! Lots and lots of rest and water! Nothing like having a frog in your throut! LOL
Negative emotions: have been feeling a little negative towards my boyfriend…at this point I don’t want to get into that. I have a feeling he’s drinking behind my back and possibly lying to me about where he’s going. But I’m not getting into that now.
A frog in my house: (I brought the frog inside to save it from the cold winter) A more productive period!

According to dream meaning.net, catching a frog could mean you are careless about the relationships you enter into, they could be toxic.

“Swallow a toad in the morning
and you will encounter
nothing more disgusting
the rest of the day”

~ Nicholas Chamfort

So, at this point I’m still not sure what it means, but I think I’m a step in the right direction! At least I hope so!!

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

Advice From A Frog

make a splash
look before you leap
don’t jump to conclusions
enjoy a good swim
hop to it!



Never disrepect a woman
(she might be a witch)

~ Toad

take care
stay safe
much love

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