5 eggs?!?

June 7, 2021

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Image made June 6, 2021

Poor little wren!

We’ll see how many make it!

This is the second nest, this year, on my deck! The first nest was situated behind a metal sun decoration…

In that nest, there were 4 surviving babies. Don’t know how many eggs she laid, as I couldn’t get up there to check.

Is this the same couple? I have no idea, but I do know they can build a couple nests a year, they’ll even steal other birds nests.

“In wildness is preservation of the world.” – Henry David Thoreau

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Fall in love with someone who feels like the warmth of the sun on a cold January morning, but soothes your heart like the cool waters of the sea on the hottest day of June. – Nikita Gill

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4 Comments on “5 eggs?!?

      • I usually try to deter them by taking the nest down, but as soon as there are eggs I leave them alone. Once the babies are gone, so is the nest.

        This is their home as much as mine, we need to.

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