Everything’s coming up roses

June 8, 2021

picture of the day

My newest rose transplant! Image made June 7, 2021

“Rich with the spoils of nature.” – Thomas Browne

Been busy already this morning…the electrician has come and gone, weeded one of my gardens of some of the vine, and been in the pool. It’s only 83 degrees Fahrenheit, but the humidity is up. If it storms, which they’re calling for, it should be more tolerable. Hopefully…

hope everyone has a great day!

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Not to be missed events in June

10 June: first solar eclipse of 2021 (ring of fire)

14 June: moon and Mars very close to each other

21 June: Summer solstice (longest day of 2021)

24 June: last super moon for the year 2021

take care

stay safe

much love

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