A Little Piece Of Paradise

June 10, 2021

Throwback Thursday

my house, 1990ish

For some reason, my dad didn’t put the date on the back, like he usually did. So, I’m guessing it was taken either in 1990 or 1991. Sometimes, I forget how much things have changed since then…not really forget, but what’s the word I’m looking for? Not sure…


heavenly, blissful
a place of extreme beauty
delight or happiness

Anyway, thirty years really does make a difference…


It’s hard to try and get the exact spot, so much has changed. For one, the lane was realigned at some point. Not sure if it was before or after the first photo was taken. I think it was after, looking at the photos below. Looking at the photos side by side, I think I came pretty close.

You can barely even see the house now. There are good and bad things about that, but I will leave it at that…except the privacy. The privacy we have almost can’t be beat!


“Paradise is always where love dwells”
~ Jean Paul Richter

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!


“Paradise has never been about places.
It exists in moments.
In connection.
In flashes across time.”

take care
stay safe
much love

*I’ve got all kinds of photos, I can use to do comparisons – which I’m sure I will share at some point down the road*

11 Comments on “A Little Piece Of Paradise

    • As long as they’re not too close to the house…back in 2019, we had the top of one come down on the roof. No damage done, and some of it we were able to use in the fwood stove

      • I’m jealous of that wood stove…

        And it looks like an awesome little place for a homestead. Chickens, a cow or two, some goats… etc.

      • I’m really thinking about some chickens, a dog and a cat…my only drawback is critters (fox, snakes, possums, raccoons, hawks, etc) and money. The dog and cat would help with the critters, and I could probably sell some eggs eventually. I’ll just have to see how things go

      • Depending on how well the fencing is determines the critters. Except snakes of course. But chickens will definitely tell you when something isn’t right.

        I enjoy trapping. And doing depredation. It’s not for everyone but it helps the animal population and your own animals.

      • We were going to put a decent sized garden in this spring/early summer, but didn’t get to it due to weather conditions and other things. We know we have to put a fence around it, and probably have to shoot some groundhogs. When it happens, I could put the chicken coop with the garden, kinda make it a shed/coop type of thing. I’d prefer the chickens to mostly be free range, but if they had the garden to peck around in, at least until veggies started, that would help. I think anyway…

      • Sounds like you’re onto something. Let the chickens run around and get their manure. Good for the garden! And learn about composting and worm towers.

        I have a vision for y’all’s homesteading 😂

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