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Notice the little green bug…

A little information about black eyed Susans:

– Maryland’s state flower

-scientific name: rudbeckia hirta

– Higher class: cone flower

– North American flowering plant in the sunflower family

– native to eastern, central and North America

– upright annual

– about 90 varieties including but not limited to: Indian Summer, Toto, Double Gold

– also known as Gloriosa Daisy

– flowers from June – August

– host plant of Silvery Chestnut Butterfly caterpillar

– important food source/shelter for slugs, rabbits, and deer. Silvery Chestnut Butterfly lays eggs on

– Native Americans used black eyed susans in treatment of cold, flu, snake bites, various infections, swelling, and earache

– seeds are poisonous, juice from the roots can be used to treat earaches, an infusion from the roots can be used to treat minor cuts, swelling, and scrapes, it is a diuretic and can be used to rid the bidy of worms and increase urine flow. No known side affects.The flower petals can make a yellow dye.

– symbolizes encouragement and justice

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Practice the Pause

Pause before judging
Pause before assuming
Pause before accusing
Pause whenever you’re about to react harshly
and you’ll avoid doing and saying things you’ll regret later

~ Lori Deschene


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