“Society is like the Salem witch hunt, never once questioning there sickness”

June 21, 2021

*Today, I thought I’d share a little about my thoughts on the hysteria going on today…generally speaking. I’ve included a story that comes from my book American Folklore and Legend by Reader’s Digest. Not sure, at the moment, how this will go…

The title is a response I received from a friend on Facebook, it just clicked. For me anyway. Below is the post I got the comment on…


“What do we call a society with no outrage about missing children and pedophiles, but is outraged by those who don’t wear masks?”

…something to ponder…my heart breaks…

There is so much going on, that it’s hard to keep up with everything. The corona virus, forced vaccinations, the U.S. education system, race relations (BLM, Critical Race Theory), voter fraud …trying to wrap your head around everything can be mind blowing. In my opinion, everything is being done on purpose. Look over here, don’t look at what’s behind that curtain. Kind of a Wizard of Oz, Salem Witch Trials, The Scarlet Letter, 1984, Animal Farm, kind of thing going on. There is a fight going on…between good and evil…

“I plead not guilty. I am wholly innocent of such wickedness through the goodness of God that hath kept me hitherto. I am the servant of Jesus Christ, and have given myself up to him as my only Lord and Saviour…”
~ Mary Perkins

The Witches of Salem

“The Guilt of Innocent Blood”

In the spring of 1692, girls and young women of Salem village, Massachusettes, began to show signs of “affliction”. They would have “fits”, utter strange words/sounds, and would scream when heard the Lord’s Prayer. They were diagnosed as being bewitched. On March 1st, a series of hearings and trials would lead to the arrest of at least 150 “witches”. 19 persons were executed as well as 2 dogs. Cotton Mather wrote “Wonders of the Invisible World”, which we look to today for accounts of the trials. This writing stands as a contemporary report of the trials.

The story I’m sharing today is that of Martha Cory, the story known as “The Gospel Witch“. These are not my words…

“Martha Cory, whose husband, Giles, was later pressed to death beneath rocks for refusing to plead guilty or not guilty to yet another charge of witchcraft, was the first respectable member of the community to be accused by the afflicted girls. The Rev. Deodat Lawson of Boston describes her questioning by the testimony-gathering magistrates: On Monday the 21st of March the magistrates of Salem were appointed to come to examination of Goodwife Cory. And at about 12 of the clock they went into the meetinghouse, which was thronged with spectators. And Goodwife Cory, being called to answer to what was alleged against her, desired to pray, which was much wondered at in the presence of so many hundred people. The magistrates told her they would not admit it; they came there not to hear her pray, but to examine her.”


“The worshipful Mr. Hathorne asked her why she afflicted those children? She said she did not afflict them. He asked her, who did, then? She said: “How should I know?”
“The number of afflicted persons were about that time 10. These were most of them at Goodwife Cory’s examination and did vehemently accuse her in the assembly of afflicting them by biting, pinching, strangling,etc. And that they in their fits see her likeness coming to them and bringing a book to them. She said she had no book. They affirmed that she had a yellow bird that used to suck between her fingers, and being asked about it, if she had any familiar spirit that attended her, she said she had no familiarity with any such thing: she was a Gospel woman. And the afficted persons told her, Ah! she was a Gospel Witch.
It was observed several times that if she did but bite her underlip during the examination, the persons afflicted were bitten on their arms and wrists and produced marks before the magistrates, ministers, and others. And being watchful for that, if she did but pinch her fingers, or grasp one hand in another, they were pinched and produced marks. After that, it was observed, that if she did but lean her breast against the seat in the meetinghouse (being the bar at which she stood), they were afflicted. After these postures were watched, if the said Cory did but stir her feet, they were afflicted in their feet and stamped fearfully.
“The afflicted persons asked her why she did not go to the company of witches which were mustering before the meetinghouse. Did she not hear the beating of their drum? They accused her of having familiarity with the Devil during the examination, in the shape of a black man whispering in her ear. They affirmed that her yellow bird sucked between her fingers in the assembly.
“She denied all that was charged upon her, and said, they could not prove her a witch. She was that afternooncommitted to Salem prison, and after she was in custody she did not appear to them and afflict them anymore.”

did you know?

Witches were never burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. Out of all the women and men convicted, 19 were sentenced to death by hanging, 1 was pressed to death under heavy stones, and others died in jail while awaiting trial – but no witches were executed by burning in the English colonies of North America, because the law did not permit it.


So, what does any of this have to do with what’s going on today?

– hysteria
– paranoia
– accusations
(of not caring for fellow humans)
– blindly following what leaders say
(“He says it is, so it must be”)
– you be the judge

Sheep need to fed information
Wolves hunt for it


Sorry if I’ve stepped on any toes, but it has to be done – every once in a while, anyway. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – maybe a hundred times – I’m not one to blindly follow, I will do my research and make my own choices. I still believe we have free will, it is up to the individual to make their own choices what is right for them and their families. I will also add that I have yet to get the vaccination. I will not get it, period. We’ll see what things look like 10 years from now. I am a moderator on a facebook group called “Adverse Covid 19 Vaccine mRNA Reactions United States and Australia”…it is a private group. I won’t really say anything about what I’m seeing except 1) the vaxxes are still in trial phase 2) there is a LOT of controversy about all of the vaxxines, not just the mRNA 3) if you have heard anything or know even a little about Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 you would probably have questions too

If you have had the vax, I pray none of this adversely affects you! I honestly do!! I pray that it’s all just nonsense…but I have a feeling it’s not nonsense. (In the U.S. only around 40% of the population has gotten the jab, as of the last I heard.)

But I digress…

“Any society where it’s a crime or a hassle to be different is a society based on psychological fascism.”

~ David Icke

hope you have a great day!
thanks for stopping by!!

1% control the world
4% are sellout puppets
90% are asleep
5% know and are trying to wake up the 90%
The 1% don’t want the 5% waking up the 90%

Wake up sheeple!

~ By Ded Silence


And, without further adu…

take care
stay safe
much love

4 Comments on ““Society is like the Salem witch hunt, never once questioning there sickness”

  1. I had read where the injection attacks your major organs. After 1 week of reading this, a lady in my church (having both injections) died of a heart problem. She was healthy that I know of.

    Everyone who has had it speaks of not feeling well after. Every time I bring up the injection they get mad at me. Probably because they know they’ve messed up.

    I recently found out we’re experiencing a chlorine shortage. If you study the ingredients of all 3 injections, it doesn’t say chlorine. But chlorine and the injections have some of the same ingredients.

    They say that corona v is a respiratory infection. But losing your taste and smell isn’t respiratory. It’s a brain dysfunction issue. Recently science says that infected people are experiencing brain tissue loss.

    • yeah…I’m hearing a lot of the same complaints, but so far no one I know personally (family) has had any issues. Some people I am friends with on facebook who have had the injection are having issues, most of them refuse the jab though.

      I have heard about the chlorine shortage…hopefully I have enough chlorine for the pool to get through the summer. If you go look at the pool supplies at the store, chances are the aisle is pretty much empty. I’m just thankful that I have a pool, and my family is healthy! I’ll have to check out the ingredients…

      It’s all just…crazy!

      • My thoughts are that when these people get sick from it, the new “delta” will be blamed.

        All of this is teaching people compliance. And these QR code’s are going to be grandfathered in when the economic bubble pops and they start demanding people get chipped.

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