Indigo Bunting

June 23, 2021

“We don’t own the planet earth
we belong to it.
And we must share it
with our wildlife.”

~ Steve Irwin

Indigo Bunting
taken June 11, 2021
f-stop: f/5.6; exposure time: 1/60sec; ISO 400
focal length 300mm
CANON EOS Rebel xt
edited in PhotoShop
available at Picfair

I was getting ready to go outside earlier today and noticed the male Indigo Bunting flirting around the grape arbor out front. I stood in the door way for a few minutes, just watching…surprised it had stuck around. I shouldn’t really be surprised…I’ve noticed more birds sticking around than normal. Namely, the Pileated Woodpecker, Indigo Bunting and Red Winged Blackbird. What ever is going on, I won’t complain.

Color Indigo personality meaning & effects




So I thought I’d share some info on the Indigo Bunting…

  • small, seed eating bird in the Cardinal family
  • females do almost all the work, staying hidden in dense thickets
  • favor brushy edges over unbroken forest
  • forages at all levels from the ground up
  • eats insects, seeds and berries
  • lays up to 4 eggs at a time, that are whit to blueish-white; incubation 12 to 14 days
  • young leave the nest 9 to 12 days after hatching

light blue – all seasons/uncommon
dark red: breeding/common
light red/pink: breeding/uncommon
light blue: all season’s/uncommon
dark gray: migration/common
light gray: migration/uncommon


  • male establishes territory and defends it with song
  • male may have more than 1 mate living on its territory
  • nest site is 1-3 feet above ground level, may nest in goldenrod late in the season
  • nest is an open cup of grass, weeds, leaves, and bark strips and lined with finer materials; built by the female
  • (Indigo Bunting | Audubon Field Guide)

Songs (youtube)

nickname: blue canary
ranges from Canada to Florida, northern South America in winter

File:Indigo Bunting Female by Dan Pancamo 1.jpg ...
female Indigo Bunting
(duckduckgo image search)
  • their blue like color comes from microscopic structures in the feathers that refract and reflect blue light
  • the oldest recorded Indigo Bunting was a male that was 13 years old, 3 months old when it was recaptured and rereleased in Ohio, during branding procedures

Spirit Guide:

  • Buntings speak of knowledge and intelligence with an emphasis on utilizing your voice to “sing” beautifully
  • Blue/Indigo Buntings speak of love, truth and good; teaching how to camoflage in order to rest and that emotions may need to surface in order to heal (
Indigo Bunting Nest | Natural History | Flickr
Indigo Bunting Nest
(duckduckgo search)

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If you let another lead you
instead of aiding you
You will become a shadow
for your true purpose lies
within the silent whispers
of your soul

take care
stay safe
much love

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